Open letter from the first year of marriage

“When we are happy, how do we forget our slimy watery eye times, we laugh bitterly. Even though the irresponsibility of the man we fall in love with blows on our stomach, it is forgotten very quickly even if the promises are kept, even though there are fever from our brain. .. ”

This sentence “Are you ‘Typical Turkish Girl’?” entry of the post. I bought recently, “Mrs. Damla, did you stop writing after you got married?” When I say what I wrote on the question, I shook this sentence and brought me to myself. It’s been a year already. Yes, marriage was so tired of me that I became increasingly distant from writing about it. Because it was really hard to be married.

He believes that he will have an exquisite marriage as Instagram bloggers offer, that one cannot realize that he is standing and watching him quickly fall from the cloud of happiness that he has brought to the very high.


(Zeze from the movie Candy Orange)

However, not everything started very well

Yes, he couldn’t start. The sound that came out of each head came to the consistency of jelly before it was shaken in the fluid inside my brain, and then… Then “I had eaten it and destroyed it” I would love to say. Actually, Oek would have been well done. Because it was very reasonable to run my life through the philosophy of Sugar Orange. My childhood was saving his day with this game…

“- You know, I’m killing people, Portuga.

-How are you doing this, Zeze?

– By forgetting them… ”

My game of killing people by forgetting did not work this time. However, it was fun even as a child. The killer was good to me. J This time, people who did not want me and that I will kill them by forgetting them, were unfortunately not far enough to ignore them. So I couldn’t eat the jelly in my brain and it eventually kept mold.

All I have left is the song in our memory where we blow balloons up to the sky: La Vie En Rose

I write by listening to the song. Click if you want to read by listening: La Vie En Rose


Can’t we heal?

When we have a problem, we always want it to be solved, we want to continue on the road like that. What about what we lost in that process? If we are on the road, what we missed? As I look to the right on the bus, I will be almost stunned that I am missing what is on my left, I think I was stuck with the possibility of missing a lot in this year.

Maybe what was called marriage was not for me or what should I know, indeed, marriage was a fingerprint. Everyone is chasing a song somewhere between the fate on the forehead. What can save you from the jelly that keeps mold in your brain?

I mean, isn’t there a solution to colorize the way you are on the road instead of finding a way to heal?


Shall we find together?

I know you’re there. You have no sound; but I hear you. Snap “Why are you not writing anymore?”, “We miss your stories” your e-mails, your comments are so vivid! Only man sometimes needs to stop. I might have stayed a little longer. Still in surprise “The first years of marriage are difficult. Ohooo we officially ate each other for the first 3 years. Don’t worry, it will all pass!” I can not believe the rightness of those who say. One of my side “Come on girl, 2 years left!” says, one part of me is astonished that everything will fly away as puff.

My most precious part is my heart that beats in all these difficult moments. I am so amazed that she never gave up, always stayed at the moment, appreciated the sentences coming out of my moldy jelly brain, never left me alone, fell in love, fell in love, never regretted…

I know you’re there! So let’s find it together. Write me how you want, comment, share, let’s multiply. No matter how much people love loneliness, they cannot stand being left alone. I know it will all pass. Without a Typical Turkish Girl, I will overcome this. Everything is hidden in my heart and in his respect for my brain!

Both remained after 2 years! I write the word more often. What is the situation with you?

With Love

Damla Karakuş

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