Pay attention to these while breastfeeding your baby!

The ideal food source that contains the protein, fat, iron and vitamin that the baby needs for the first six months is met with breast milk. The benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding for both mother and baby do not end with counting.


In children who grow up with breast milk, asthma, allergies, diabetes mellitus, obesity and cancer are observed at lower rates. In breastfeeding mothers, Child Health and Diseases Specialist, who said that breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and anemia are less common, Assoc. Dr. Nermin Tansu─č lists the points to be considered while breastfeeding:

  • Before starting to breastfeed, the mother should wash her hands and prevent the contamination of the baby, and wipe the nipple and surrounding area with clean water.
  • The mother should sit with her baby in a comfortable, clean and sufficiently warm environment with her back resting. If necessary, he can put an elevation under his feet.
  • The face and body of the baby should be kept facing towards itself, the arm holding the baby’s head should be supported from below with a pillow if necessary. The baby’s head should be placed inside the arm and the baby’s hips and legs should be grasped with the same arm and hand.
  • Mother and baby should be comfortable while breastfeeding, eye contact should be established between the two.
  • Before starting to breastfeed, the cleaned nipple is rolled with the thumb and index finger, and it is helped to open the baby’s mouth by gently touching the baby’s upper lip. With the idle hand, the chest should be kept in shape of C, and the tip of the breast should be touched by the baby’s lip without touching the nipple and the brown part around it. When the baby opens his mouth, the nipple and the brown part around him are placed in the baby’s mouth. There should be no gap between the baby’s chin placed in this way and the breast of the mother.
  • During breastfeeding most of the breast circumference will be inside the baby’s mouth and the chin will rest on the chest. If the baby is not placed correctly, it will only suck the nipple, which will cause pain in the nipple cracks. In addition, milk is not fully discharged. If the baby is not placed correctly, the baby should not be pulled out of the chest, instead the nipple should be gently removed from the corner of the mouth with a little finger between the palate. Breastfeeding should be repeated after the baby is given the correct position.
  • There are 4 positions commonly used for breastfeeding. In the armpit position, the baby’s body is placed under the mother’s armpit, and the head and nape are supported by hand. Feet and butt look behind the mother. The mother breast is supported with the other hand. This position is especially suitable after cesarean or when breast feeding twin babies. In a lap position, the baby is laid on the pillow on the lap of the mother and the head is placed on the mother’s arm. The mother supports her baby butt with the same hand and turns her belly towards her own abdomen. So the baby’s face turns towards the breast of the mother. In the inverted lap position, the baby’s head is better controlled and closer to the breast. The other hand holds the breast of the mother. In nursing while lying down, one pillow is placed under the head of the mother and the other under the baby. The baby should be laid on its side with its belly touching the mother’s belly. Breastfeeding can be done by supporting the breast with one hand. However, if the mother sleeps in this position, it may pose a choking hazard to the baby.

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