Permanent makeup tips by skin color

Make-up applications, which have achieved a great popularity especially in social media, continue to shape the world of beauty. However, not every application is suitable for the individual, and many determinants make the applications customizable. At this point, the skin color of the person, as well as his facial features and even work, plays an important role especially in permanent makeup applications. Ergül Keskin Founder of Conture Make up Studio, Contour Makeup Trainer Ergül Keskin explains how the most popular contour makeup applications should be determined according to skin color.


The most frequently applied permanent makeup applications

Eyebrow contours and lip, eyeliner contours are the most preferred applications.


Eyebrow Contours: This process, which is done by processing the color pigments on the lower layer of the skin in the eyebrow region, starts with the preliminary drawing applied to the face of the person. Then natural pigments are applied to the area with the help of a disposable sterile micro-needle device. Eyebrow contours ranging from 1.5 to 2, depending on the density of the area to be treated and the form of the eyebrow, not only create the most suitable eyebrow on the face, but also provides permanence in the long term.


Eyeliner Contours: It is the process of applying natural dyes to eyelid and detention. Sometimes a sharp and saturated eyeliner line is created, while sometimes the dipliner line is created, which creates a simpler and more refined appearance.


Lip Contours: It is the name given to the coloring of the lip line and inside the lip, which is performed through contouring makeup devices and herbal paints. In this method, where organic permanent paints are processed at 0.3-3.5.5 millimeters below the skin with the help of completely personal sterile needles, the aim is to re-form the lip, show it fuller and make the lip line clear.


If you have brown skin

If your skin tone is brown, brown to brunette, you should not ignore your skin color in all the contouring makeup applications mentioned above, you should choose the one that suits you, not the trends. At this point, your hair color comes into play first. If you want to have eyebrow contours, the color of your eyebrow should be compatible with your hair. Otherwise, this incompatibility may make your face look pale and lifeless, making your age look bigger.

– Especially eyebrow color, which is kept lighter than hair tone, creates a tired look.

– If you want to get a natural look in the contour of the lips besides the eyebrow, you should definitely choose a tone light or dark color from the lip color.


If you have a clear skin

One of the most frequent questions heard by light-skinned people ‘You look pale today are you sick?’ income. In order to prevent these problems and get a more vivid face, permanent makeup applications are quite practical. If you have a clear skin, you should not get away from naturalness as much as possible while applying contour makeup applications. Because extremely dark colors that do not adapt to the skin color will create both an artificial and aesthetic look. At this point, natural brown tones that will provide a visual integrity with your light skin should be chosen while having eyebrow contours.

– If your hair is very light colored, your eyebrows may be one or two shades darker. Coral, peach and pink tones can be preferred, which will also add liveliness to the face in lip color. In addition, while making eyeliner contours, naturalness can be preserved with relatively thin and brown colors.

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