Positive and Negative Reviews of Tokalon Sun Cream Users

Tokalon sunscreen is a product of a foreign brand and has been imported to Turkey from abroad. This product, which offers 50-factor protection, can be obtained from BİM markets. It is water resistant and does not contain parabens. Therefore, it can be applied before entering the pool or the sea. Price: 29.73 TL.

Tokalon Sun Cream User Reviews

  1. I used it last year. It is an extremely oily cream and really effective in protecting from the sun. Even though I went to the pool and the sea many times after this, its permanence never deteriorated. So what is it? It does not necessarily have to be expensive to be of good quality. This cream is cheap but simply great. Although I have used the products of many brands before. But this was the most satisfied of me.
  2. I have been using it on every summer vacation for 3 years, I see the benefits. I am experiencing dry skin; my cheeks and T-zone are pretty oily too. I bought this product from BİM for about 15 TL. I liked it very much and said ‘I’m glad I got it’. I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo every day as a moisturizer. I drive this with him in the summer season. The price / performance ratio is excellent!
  3. I never recommend it. I was normally using another sunscreen. But he was short, the price was a bit expensive and I had to buy Tokalon sunscreen because it was cheap. I was going to use it when I ran out of my own sunscreen. It turns out that he will squeeze radish juice for my vacation. In Ayvalık, in the middle of August, I gained a sunspot like 10 cents (!) From this cream. I did not research the brand in detail before buying it, and browsed the comments on the internet. I thought he could be trusted. Later I saw that it was written that its origin was Turkey. Friends, I’ve had such a painful experience, don’t you. Expensive, clean. Is it important to your health and beauty?
  4. We had decided to go to the sea. Previously, there was no such thing in the account. We rushed the business as it was not a planned vacation. When I couldn’t find sunscreen at home, I went to BIM and bought this cream. More precisely, I made the biggest mistake of my life. If you have a mind, do not buy! It made my face and body so red that I can’t tell. I always apply Silverdin burn cream. The burns are blistering. What if it leaves a scar that doesn’t go away on my skin or body? I am afraid of him. You think I went into the sea without applying anything to my cream cream. That shape is burned. However, I used to rub it all over me. It does not protect in the least. Do not even go near this product!
  5. I bought Tokalon sunscreen from BİM for an average of 15 TL during the summer vacation last year. The scorching heat of August, even at noon; the sun hits our head, think. But still it did not cause any redness on my skin. I am not sure if the stain has occurred. Because I already have freckles on my face. So not bad, I like it. Obviously, it didn’t seem like it would cause side effects. You know, the prices of sunscreens are usually high, so I bought this because it was economical.
  6. I used it the previous year. Do I recommend it? Of course not. I am also angry with myself though. Although it didn’t work at the time, I said ‘let me use it once again’ this year. The result is disappointment again. Either I say hello to big pimples, or it gets me in trouble with a world of comedones. I said ‘If I bought it, at least not to waste my money’ and applied it to my legs. On the day I stayed in the sun, I encountered something gritty on my legs in the evening.

What Does Tokalon Sun Cream Do?

  1. It is a protective cream against both UVB and UVA rays. This high factor sunscreen; It can be used on oily, sensitive, dry and combination skin types.
  2. If it is continued to be used at regular intervals, it will delay the signs of aging.
  3. Prolonged exposure to UVA rays causes skin redness, blistering and peeling. Tokalon sunscreen prevents these problems and reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

How to Use Tokalon Sun Cream?

Take a small amount of sunscreen and apply it all over your skin as a thin layer. Not just in your face; You can rub it on other body parts that will be exposed to the sun (such as your neck, hands and arms).

Tokalon sunscreen should be used at least half an hour before going out, as with any sunscreen. Thus, the cream will have the opportunity to penetrate your skin and will have a better effect.

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