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Pregnant Can Eat Parsley? Benefits of Parsley in Pregnancy

Pregnant Can Eat Parsley? Benefits of Parsley in Pregnancy

Parsley is a popular herb used in meals and salads all over the world. Is eating parsley pregnant during pregnancy, is it beneficial? In our article, we gave information about the consumption of this food during pregnancy. Although parsley has many benefits in terms of health, it also has various side effects such as stimulating the uterus and causing contractions. If you are pregnant, you may get more harm than a lot of parsley.


I’m six weeks pregnant. Does the parsley cause pregnancy during pregnancy?


Kutlugül Yüksel, Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, should be fed with natural foods during pregnancy and should not eat after feeding. Parsley is in normal limits, consuming without consuming in moderation.

Benefits of pregnant women to eat parsley

Arsenal is a health-beneficial antioxidant that contains luteoline in the parsley. Consumption during pregnancy strengthens immunity.

Vitamin C in parsley and vitamin A also contribute to its antioxidant properties. Lets you get the necessary vitamins for your baby.

With its anti-inflammatory structure, parsley helps to eliminate edema in pregnant women and reduces joint pain.

Prevents pregnancy anemia with iron content.

Parsley folic acid protects your baby from neural tube defects.

It strengthens the bones of pregnant and baby with vitamin K in it.

Parsley relaxes the digestive system and is effective in reducing problems such as bloating in pregnant women.

Harm of eating parsley during pregnancy

Research is still ongoing on how safe it is to consume at the time of the pregnancy, but there are no clear data yet. Therefore, you should consult your doctor about consuming parsley. Some side effects:

Parsley leaves contain parsley oil and this is an essential oil. It can happen when you’re not pregnant, even if you’re pregnant without any side effects.

Parsley oil contains apiol and myristicin which are low and used as stimulants to facilitate abortion. This oil may cause menstrual bleeding and cause uterine contractions. Components may also cause premature labor and may create potential health risks for the mother and the baby.

In severe cases, parsley oil can damage the kidneys and cause seizures.

Myristicin in parsley can reach your baby by reaching the placenta. It causes a change in the heartbeat when it reaches and usually accelerates the heartbeat. Myristicin can also cause other side effects such as dizziness and loss of balance.

In some cases, parsley can cause allergies, especially if you are sensitive to other plants such as fennel, coriander, carrot, celery or dill.

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