Princess’s secret of flat stomach after childbirth

The bride of the British royal family, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is on the agenda of the world. The reason for this is what he ate and drank and how he got rid of his pregnancy weight in a short time. Kate Middleton, 36, appeared at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, just three weeks after she gave birth to her third baby. According to some, with an outfit he has worn many times before. So how can the princess stay so thin after 3 kids? Here are the princess’s secrets of being weak.


Expert opinions

Experts sat down, moved, and interpreted the secrets of this delicacy of Middleton. According to some obstetricians, some women are lucky enough to return to their old weight in a short time after giving birth. The key point here is to eat healthy during pregnancy and make efforts to avoid gaining excess weight. According to experts, Kate Middleton noted that she drank in all three pregnancies. He organized his exercises according to his pregnancy, but still did not interfere. According to some experts, Kate Middleton is genetically lucky in this regard. On the other hand, fitness experts attribute Kate Middleton’s fitness in a short time after pregnancy to maintain her habit of doing sports for a long time.


Healthy nutrition and sports

Kensington Palace, where Kate Middleton lives, has a private swimming pool and gym. According to many people, Middleton maintains his weight by working with private coaches, although he does not explain much. Just three months after he gave birth to his first baby, George, he came across the lens with his flat stomach, and participated in the baptism ceremony two months after the birth of his daughter Charlotte. Middleton also looked thin enough to surprise everyone at Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony on May 19th.


Here are the dietary secrets of Duchess

– Special nutrition program. Favorite is the Dukan Diet. In other words, he applies a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Other celebrities who follow this diet include Jennifer Lopez, who defies the years, and Gisele Bundchen, top model.

– Kate Middleton consumes vegetables and fruits raw. This wrapper not only saves weight but also ensures that your hair and nails are healthy.
Also healthy cooked seafood is one of the foods that Middleton does not miss.


– A spice buff. He especially prefers bitter spices. These also help speed up the metabolism.

– Middleton is one of the strict followers of the “plank” madness that has recently taken the world by storm. Plank, lying on the ground and not requiring any equipment, provides tightening of the arm and abdominal muscles in particular. Middleton is also one of the fans of CrossFit, created by Greg Glassman, a California personal trainer.


– Implementing a strict diet program, Kate Middleton evaluates every moment she is idle by acting. Sometimes she rides a bicycle with her husband William and sometimes with her brother Pippa. Middleton, who is interested in many sports, including rowing, during his youth years, often plays tennis.
According to a source from Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton devotes at least an hour to sports every day. After doing warm-up movements, he works his muscles.

– One of the ways Middleton applies to protect both his body and physical appearance is to practice yoga..


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