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Privacy Policy

BLUE WOMAN and your personal data
As a leading information technology provider, BLUE WOMEN promises to use state-of-the-art technologies to continuously improve the services provided to its customers and to protect the Personal Information of our customers and visitors who visit our Web sites as effectively as possible. The term “Personal Information” encompasses all information that allows and facilitates the identification of a person’s identity. BLUE WOMEN promises and guarantees to comply with any Data Protection Act and any other applicable law. BLUE WOMEN’s public Web pages can be accessed without entering any personal information. However, in a few cases we or our business partners may request specific information from you to provide better service. Such details to us (eg, Name, Address,

The safety and quality of BLUE WOMEN and Information
Our goal is to ensure the quality and integrity of your personal data. For this, we have made appropriate technical and organizational arrangements, such as offering e-mails and personal data encryption options sent to our website. BLUE WOMEN will show the closest interest to make the change you want to make on your data as soon as possible. For example, it is important to us that the corrections are sent back to the sender’s address to make sure that the change is requested.

BLUE WOMEN and technologies used (Cookies, Web beacons)
In addition to better meeting the needs of our customers, we will occasionally collect information about visitors to our online services to improve our Internet Service and other online services. However, this will be done without a full name and the identities of the persons cannot be determined in any way. We use Cookies to improve the quality of our service. Cookies are data elements stored by your browser. Cookies help us provide you with tailored products to enable you to visit our websites again in the future. If you don’t want your browser to keep cookies, please set up your browser. Information about how to set up your browser can be found in the user guide of your browser.

Cookies and embedded codes only provide non-personal statistical information, such as visits to pages on the site, time to display pages, paths visitors see on the site, data about visitors’ display settings, and other general information. BLUE WOMEN uses this type of information to improve the services we offer to our users, along with information from other cookies used on the site.

BLUE WOMEN and data protection technologies
New technical developments allow users to further control their personal data. BLUE WOMEN, every time required by the data we use, to do the necessary work to offer you the appropriate options.


No guarantee of content
BLUE WOMEN websites contain links to other websites operated by third party companies. BLUE WOMEN behaves with caution when selecting such websites, however, BLUE WOMEN accepts no responsibility for content contained on such websites or for third parties to comply with relevant data protection laws. All information on our Internet websites has been checked by our BLUE WOMEN or our business partners. Nevertheless, BLUE WOMEN and third parties do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the information.

The information is not consultant The information on the 
BLUE WOMEN web pages is not a personal advice. Please contact BLUE WOMEN Authorities for consulting.

The use of the
Internet pages The contents of the BLUE WOMEN Internet pages, information, documents, images and site design are protected as intellectual property in the framework of the “LAW OF ARTICLES AND ART WORKS”. Any use of the content, information, document, image or any note given on this site in any form requires the written consent of the BLUE WOMEN.

If you have any questions or criticisms, please contact BLUE WOMEN.

With the development of the Internet, BLUE WOMEN’s Policy on the Protection of Data Privacy will also develop. Changes to our Security and Data Protection Policy will be published on these pages as quickly as possible.

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