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Rapper Azealia Banks Sharing Video of Her Dead Cat Boiling Her Remains

Every day we are surprised by something else. It is not possible to understand what people want from animals, even from the dead bodies of animals. American rapper Azealia Banks, who has made a name for himself with scandals, came to the fore with a scandal. The 29-year-old singer is seen digging out the remains of her cat “Lucifer”, who died last year, in a series of videos she shared on Instagram. The next video is just plain horrible. Let’s take a closer look at what caused Azealia Banks, who claimed to practice magic, to come to the fore.

Warning: Some images in the content can be disturbing.

The 29-year-old American rapper Azealia Banks has a huge audience that admires her voice and songs. The young singer combines rap and house music quite successfully

azealia banks

As a matter of fact, it often comes up with scandals. Banks makes words, references and swears to many famous names through social media. However, what is disturbing is that he shares some videos under the name of magic practice.

azealia banks

Banks has expressed support for Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign and has publicly fought with a number of celebrities, including Zayn Malik, Russell Crowe, and Australian singer Sia.

In 2016, the singer posted a video where she cleaned a closet covered with dried blood and feathers, where she said she had practiced the Spanish word “brujeria” for three years, meaning witchcraft

In 2016 Vice Banks stated that her interest in magic and witchcraft was the inspiration of her mother.

After Banks made his witchcraft public in 2016, Sia tweeted that animal sacrifice was “the craziest thing I have ever heard.” Banks responded to Sia by saying “an ugly, doughy white woman.”

Azealia Banks had previously claimed to be a witch. This time, the video he published terrified everyone. Banks is seen digging out the remains of her cat named “Lucifer”, who died last year, in a video she shared recently.

A later video shows a large pot with dark matter and bone-like stuff inside.

Azealia Banks

In another view, inside the flowerpot; inside is a bottle of champagne, a 100 dollar bill, a bottle of perfume, a cross, peacock feathers and other items, as well as an animal skull


The animal skull belongs to the dead cat, according to many estimates.

Some of the videos were deleted on Instagram. Insider reached out to Bank’s team for comment on what was going on with the video, and also to Instagram to confirm whether Banks deleted or removed the video. However, Insider was not answered.

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