Re-emerging: What is the Sars virus and what are its symptoms? How is the Sars virus transmitted?

The SARS virus, which reappeared before the coronavirus was over, was now seen in Iraq and China. In China, where 14 thousand people were quarantined, the alarm was again raised. While investigating how the virus seen in employees in cargo companies emerged, the Iraqi administration made a statement stating that the virus did not spread. So what is the Sars virus and what are its symptoms? How is the Sars virus transmitted?

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is the definition of the virus that causes severe acute respiratory failure syndrome. The disease first appeared in February 2003 in Asia, North America and Europe. The disease, which progressed in the same course as pneumonia, caused deaths because no medicine was available for the first time. How the virus, which is normally found in animals, transmitted to humans is still being investigated. Travelers and those living in the crowded city are in danger. Because the disease is transmitted by air. The virus that settles in the human body circulates in the body for 2 or 7 days without taking over the immune system. Later shows mild flu symptoms. All this information is estimated. Research is ongoing about the signs of infection and how it progresses. The virus, which can quickly fall victim to itself in public areas, blocks the sinus tracts, causing the patient to sneeze and cough. Experts explained that especially the elderly, children and pregnant women should be more careful, otherwise it may result in death. It caused the death of 4 people in China in the past days. People walking around wearing masks take precautions against the virus. When it was first seen in China in 2003, 800 people died. Re-deaths caused panic. The SARS virus, which was recently detected in a cargo employee at the Shanghai Pudong airport, activated the authorities. Chinese police quarantined 14 thousand people at the airport. It was stated that this virus, which causes panic, does not transmit rapidly like the coronavirus. Likewise, the state administration, which took action about the virus seen in Iraq, said that the virus did not spread, but that they detected it in a few of its citizens.

virus that fights against antibodies in the immune system


Since it weakens the immunity, the antibodies found here take action. The immune system, which tries to produce antibodies, causes the body’s temperature to increase. This leads to sudden fever. Although flu symptoms show a course, their severity increases day by day. Symptoms such as severe joint pain, sore throat, yellow snot and inflammation of the lungs occur. In addition, all functions of the body are impaired. Watery diarrhea is one of them. The patient both fights the virus and suffers from excessive fluid loss. This situation causes irreversible health problems in the elderly and children. Especially people who travel and experience these symptoms should immediately apply to a health institution.

People using masks to protect against the virus spreading in China


Although it is not yet known how it is transmitted from animals to humans, it is transmitted from human to human sneezing, coughing, handshaking, using common items. Since the virus lives outside the human body for at least one hour, it is recommended that people traveling to countries such as China, South Korea and Vietnam should use gloves and masks.

There is no cure for the virus. symptoms are reduced in treatment


Travel to Far Eastern countries should not be made during the months of January and April.

Fast moving away in environments with Sars virus

Using gloves or masks

Experts also warn that the diagnosed patient should never enter public areas.

virus causes death in children and the elderly


The treatment process is still under investigation. Therefore, experts apply some drug therapies to strengthen immunity. In particular, by reducing the severity of symptoms, the body is enabled to fight the virus. Therefore, experts frequently emphasize that the consumption of vitamins A, C and E should be increased. Most of the patients breathe for a long time due to their breathing apparatus.

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