Recommendations for Edema and Swelling After Nose Surgery

Recommendations for Edema and Swelling After Nose Surgery

In this article, we will give advice from those who have had nose surgery before to reduce edema in the nose.

How Does Nose Tip Edema Pass?

  1. I used Arnica cream 3 days before my surgery. I used to rub and massage my cheeks and nose a lot twice a day. (Arnica is a natural and very useful cream that some doctors recommend for the treatment of swelling, bruising and edema.) I continued to use it every day after I was discharged. This time, I was applying it to my forehead and cheeks, not my nose. Because it is forbidden to apply to your nose because of plaster-splint. It was good for me, I recommend it.
  2. I started on a low carbohydrate diet 1 week before the surgery. You know, carbohydrates and sugar cause edema, if sugar levels are high, wounds heal later.
  3. After nasal surgery, my doctor told me to drink plenty of water every day. Since my surgery coincided with the summer season, I had no difficulty in doing this. He suggested I drink parsley water, so I did that. I used arnica cream and did not neglect to take regular walks. I learned that Hirudoid cream is also effective in the treatment of edema, I bought it and tried it, it helped. I also asked my dermatologist, “You can take the bromelain pill.” said. I have been using it for over 2 months.
  4. Friends, how can I prevent edema after nose surgery? It is fixed by experience, it really works. Wrap an ice in a clean cloth and leave it on your face for 20 minutes. Repeat this every 1 hour. In this way, you will not encounter situations such as excessive bruising and edema. And Arnica cream removes bruises, available from the pharmacy. Finally, you should not wear sunglasses for 2 months. Anyway, your doctor will remind you of them again. High factor sunscreens will also protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Ice is beneficial for edema, hot on the contrary leads to increased edema.
  5. Parsley is one of the most effective herbs for edema. I drank two glasses of parsley water on my empty stomach on the second day after my surgery. After that, I used it for 2 weeks. But parsley is diuretic. While applying this method, care should be taken to drink enough water every day.
  6. Bromelian is an edema-removing plant. Nutraxin tablet contains bromelian.
  7. I started using Nutraxin’s 500 mg bromelian tablets from the 8th day after the operation. Since the Bromelian enzyme can dilute the blood, I waited on the 8th day so that my stitches would hold a little and there would be no bleeding. I did not encounter any problems. By day 15, I increased the Bromelian tablet dose to 2 times a day (1000 milligrams). Parsley water and Bromelian tablets are never used before surgery. Because it is a fact that supplements and herbal teas trigger bleeding. Therefore, these should be stopped before surgery.
  8. Edema that occurs after nose surgery can be removed with nettle. So boil 1 teaspoon of nettle in 1 cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. When it smells, strain it and let it rest for 5 minutes and consume. Re-prepare this nettle tea every day. Do not drink more than 2-3 glasses per day.
  9. If your nasal edema in the nose does not decrease despite all these, your doctor may inject cortisone into your nose to reduce the edema.

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