Rejuvenate with salmon DNA

Ergül Keskin, who emphasized that Salmon DNA, which offers a superior approach to skin renewal, offers fast solutions different from other applications, Ergül Keskin, who is the founder of Conture Make up Studio, tells the unknown about the method.


Youth potion What is salmon DNA

Salmon DNA vaccine is a new generation beauty application based on the production of young cells on the skin with the help of salmon sperms and DNA molecules derived from hyaluronic acid. This method, which aims to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging, is based on 3 main factors. These are the skin;

– Configure,

– Repair,

– Rejuvenating.


You can stop the effects of time with salmon DNA

Although the skin has a strong structure, it loses its former activeness against the effects of time. Especially after the age of 30, it experiences 1% collagen loss every year. This causes the skin to lose its natural elasticity and wrinkles to occur. Same time
elastin fibers break down and change in the body’s own amount of hyaluronic acid and function. Changes in the body cause the skin to look more lifeless and dull. Salmon DNA, created to reduce the effects of this transformation of the skin and to passivate the problems, provides the best results with a combined treatment approach.


It’s time to restore your skin

System; Salmon DNA, obtained from polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid molecules, produces young cells on the skin, thereby removing wrinkles and other signs of aging. Salmon DNA, which supports the skin structure and repairs the cells, restores the connective tissue and restores the skin thanks to its formulation very close to human DNA. This process, which varies according to skin problems, is applied in 1 case in advanced cases. One cycle consists of approximately 3 sessions. The duration of the sessions varies between 30-40, but the intervals of sessions are on average 20 days. Salmon DNA, which gives the skin a youthful appearance when applied 2 times a year, can be applied on any skin type at 30 or older. But;

– Those who have blood clotting problems,

Diabetes patients,

– Those with vascular occlusion,

– Heart patients,

– People with stroke history,

– Pregnant women must have this procedure done with the permission of the doctor.


Why you should have salmon DNA

– Stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin firmness by removing looseness in the cheek,

– Reduces wrinkles and fine lines,

– Soothes irritated and damaged skin,

– Reduces the dullness of the skin, giving it a lively appearance,

– Restores the moisture needed by the skin,

– It offers an effective treatment against scars and cracks,

– It decreases the aging rate of the skin and reduces oxidative stress.


How to apply salmon DNA

Salmon DNA, which is one of the undisputed best practices for skin rejuvenation, shows a very fast effect thanks to its hyaluronic acid and trace amino acids. For this reason, it is among the applications that are frequently preferred recently. It is applied to the skin by micro needling method. Since it does not cause sun sensitivity, it can be applied safely in all seasons including summer.

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