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Research that revealed that a factor that we are exposed to every day triggers breast cancer

Research that revealed that a factor that we are exposed to every day triggers breast cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in breast tissue cells. And it ranks first among the types of cancer seen in women. Moreover, one out of every 8 women is at risk of developing breast cancer.

Determines the risk of breast cancer; There are many factors such as age at first menstruation, age of menopause, diet, alcohol consumption. And researches every day, adding a new one among these factors. This is very important because you know the factors that increase the risk; it also means taking measures against the disease. Unfortunately, many of these factors are not in our hands; there is no way to stay away from them daha Here are the details of the latest research that adds another factor to the risks of cancer.

A group of scientists from the University of Florida in the United States conducted a study investigating the impact of air pollution on breast cancer.

For this important study, mammography density of mammalian women was examined by mammography and it was concluded that air pollutant particles increased breast density.

Increasing breast density increases the risk of breast cancer as well as delaying the diagnosis of the disease by hiding the tumors.

According to the results of the study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, a woman who is exposed to 2,5 particulate matter suspended in the air increases her breast density by 4%.

Responsible for the research Lusine Yaghjyan, the results of breast densities; he emphasized that there is a change in air pollution in rural and urban areas.

It is a scientific fact that breast density is a risk factor for breast cancer. However, according to Yaghjyan’s statement, more detailed research is needed on the subject.

Thus, it may be possible to take more robust measures about breast cancer Böylece

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