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Return of the Spanish Trousers

Return of the Spanish Trousers

Most of the time, current fashion trends include something from the past and give it a new shape. This is true for Spanish trousers in the 1960s, which are very typical.

Do you remember the beginning of the millennium? Here, they’re back again. In the fall of 2017 and winter, the fashion runways returned to this style with a few adaptations.

At the beginning of 2018, there were models with Spanish trousers in the showcases of all the stores. The high waist section and the trouser width are the same. They just changed the sewing details to highlight the look.

The return of jeans

woman in front of the building

The Spanish trousers were created by the fashion designer Mary Quant of the 60s. During this decade, this designer also increased the popularity of the mini-skirt, which emphasized a historical trend.

They were all in the closet in the ’70s. Both men and women wore it, so they did not clash with current trends. Nobody could escape from these clothes.

The wider spaniard was more brave. They also made full use of vibrant colors and psychedelic scales. Even today, it is still a symbol of courage and style. Of course, there were also colorful Spanish tracks. They were made of velvet instead of jeans.

Stylize your looks

Macy’s store manager, Martha Gil de Montes, stylist, believes that the denim jeans in the trousers show us better. Also, this outfit goes very well with narrow tops (blouses, pullovers, jackets and buttons).

These pants are, without a doubt , very practical and very comfortable . The pants start from the waist and shape and make your appearance more visible.

Also, since the expansion begins on the knees, you appear longer. Spanish jeans is an illusion of looking longer if you wear it with heeled shoes. So everyone sees your legs longer.

Show off


There are two basic rules to wear denim jeans, which helps you carry them safely and with style.

  • You should always wear them with high heels.
  • They look better with tight blouses.

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Preferably, the heels should be padded topped or platform to prevent attachment to your leg. If you don’t wear them with high-heeled shoes, they’re trapped in the trunk and can’t move as they should.

  • Shoe is an important accessory that we should not underestimate.
  • The shirt is also the second outfit, with a lot of points in Spanish. Should be narrow arm . Wide-sleeved or multi-fabric dresses move the focus away from the pants and do not look good.

Adapt them to your body

It is a very impressive factor in your body size and body. For example, those with overly wide legs are best for women with thick legs.

This variation expands not only from the knees but also from the hips. This makes your legs look thinner and your body looks more proportionate.

On the other hand, the classic cut seems to be excellent in thin legs. You can safely wear the narrow ones from the basins to the knees and you won’t have any problems. In fact, these trousers seem to be especially great in thin, tall women.

For women who are shorter and larger, we offer pocketless Spanish jeans. The front and rear pockets can create an impression that makes you look bigger. For the same reason , women with marked hips should avoid patterned pants and wear dark-colored, one-color ones.

Narrow cut jeans etc. Spanish trousers

tight cut jeans

Of course, at some point you tried to sew the Spanish trousers to make a narrow cut. Maybe you threw your favorites because they were obsolete.

You can be happy to re-energize your hippie soul , knowing that the slim-fitting jeans are over .

Over the past few years, the Spanish jeans have remained in the shade of denim, narrow cut or straight jeans. In fact, everyone who was still wearing a Spanish trotter looked old-fashioned.

The Spanish trotter slowly replaced other things. As the years passed, the tracks came tighter and everyone got used to tight cut jeans. The truth is, fashion, with the loop.

Trends come and go periodically. While narrow-fitting jeans are now in everyone’s wardrobe, Spanish denim jeans always have a special place in the hearts of people and live their return.


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