Reviews of those who lose weight with Dukan beer and those who have edema

Dukan beer is prepared with green tea, mineral water and lemon. Does not contain alcohol. It is a detox water that removes toxins and helps to lose weight. The comments about this drink, which is called dukan beer because of its color, are as follows:

Anyone Lose Weight With Dukan Beer?

  1. I drank Dukan beer with the advice of my gym coach when I started sports. In this way, I lost 6 kilos and reached my ideal weight in this way. Personally, I do not think that dukan beer works alone, it must be supported by sports.
  2. I am one of those who try Dukan beer to lose weight. My recipe is as follows: Put 2 tablespoons of green tea in 750 ml of water, that is, 3 glasses of hot water, and cook for 5 minutes. I brewed it and added 1 bottle of plain soda and half a lemon juice on it. I put this in the fridge, it’s better to drink when cold. I don’t think it’s possible to drink it while it’s warm because it tastes really bad. I drank for 15 days and after a break of 1 week I drank again for another 15 days. I am very satisfied because it is very effective on weight loss. I would definitely recommend it, especially to people with a slow metabolism like me. I lost 20 kg, believe me, I feel very good and light.
  3. I’ve been drinking Dukan beer for about 1.5 months. I used it for so long but I didn’t know if it would do any harm. During this time, I lost 8 kg, of course, I also paid attention to what I ate. I even stopped adding sugar to my tea and coffee.


  1. I have been drinking dukan beer for 15 days to supplement my diet. On my diet day, I ate only 1 whole wheat bread per day in terms of bread and pastries. Although I did not consume sweets and pastries, I could not give even a gram. After this experience, diet drinks such as dukan beer are not effective in losing weight in my opinion. It is wrong to expect to lose weight without regular exercise and diet.
  2. I drank Dukan beer for a week and continued my diet as usual, I did not diet. I managed to lose 2 kilos in a week. I had tried many different weight loss drinks before this, but they did not work like Dukan beer.
  3. I drink Dukan beer cold, up to 3 glasses a day. I drink my last glass 1 hour before I go to sleep, and believe me, I wake up very full in the morning. When I drink the remaining 2 glasses during the day, the biggest benefit is that it keeps you full for a long time. I think it’s losing weight.
  4. Thanks to Dukan beer, I lost 2.5 kg. But the taste is so bad, I couldn’t stand the taste and left it.


  1. I drank Dukan beer for 15 days and lost 4 kg in total. But when I stopped drinking, I regained the weight I lost. However, I have to say that I normally love desserts, I didn’t have a craving for sweets while drinking Dukan beer. This is a great advantage for those who want to lose weight. I like the taste, I recommend it.
  2. I drank Dukan beer for a week and only lost 1 kilo. During this time, I did not pay attention to my diet and did not do sports.


  1. Thanks to Dukan beer, I lost 13 kg last year. During this time, I also did sports and applied a diet. I think you can achieve good results if you support it with sports and diet.
  2. I started drinking Dukan beer when I was 60 kg and continued for a total of 1 week. I also paid great attention to my diet and during this time I dropped to 58 kilograms. I stopped drinking when I found out I was pregnant. Frankly, I was satisfied. I believe Dukan beer is debilitating and recommend drinking it.

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