Russians living in Turkey, 74 celebrated the Victory Day

The participants of the May 9 Victory Day celebration organized by the Russian Education, Culture and Cooperation Association reached Heybeliada with the ferry departing from Eminönü.

Participating ashore with music and anthems, the participants started marching behind the banner that reads “The Immortal Regiment” in Russian. After a walk of about 1 hour, carnations were left in the Russian Prisoner Monument.

Deputy Consul General of the Russian Federation Istanbul Undersecretary Dmitry Evdokimov was also among the names participating in the program. Evdokimov, “The Soviet Union broke up, but our victory in the war remained. Every people’s victory remained. And our fathers, grandparents, mothers, grandmothers did a great job. Not only for us. We believe and believe that they won a great victory for the whole world against. “ said.


“This victory collects each of us”

Evdokimov stated that the 9 May Victory Day is a common victory of many nations, “There was the Belarus flag, there was the flag of Tajikistan. There was the flag of Ukraine. There was the flag of Georgia. There was the flag of Uzbekistan. There was also another. So this victory collects each of us. And I think this is the most important. A holiday that unites us.” in the assessment.


New Moon Natalie Genus living in Turkey for 10 years, “We come here and remember the old ones. We respect what our grandparents did and they fight, lose their lives and give us life.” used expressions.

Julia Fonareva Tuna, “We ensure that our children know what has happened in history, living in peace today, we owe our grandparents and our children born here.” he said.

The celebration ended with a picnic and songs sung by the participants.

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