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Seated Weight Loss Is it Possible to Sit, 1 Hour How Many Calories Burn?

Seated Weight Loss Is it Possible to Sit, 1 Hour How Many Calories Burn?

While sitting is one of the least calorie-burning activities, the more you are active in the sitting position, the more calories you burn . All vital activities such as walking, running, eating and sleeping even burn a certain amount of calories. Weight gain or give up is actually linked to the balance between the calories that these activities burn and the calories you get from the food.

Calorie is a unit of measure for thermal energy. Calories from the food to give energy to the body, how the car can not move without the drug as well as people do not get calories from food and drinks even move around. You need a certain number of calories a day so that the blood circulation in the body, the brain can think, and the body can perform its functions such as movement or even sleep . This is called resting metabolic rate and accounts for about 60% of the calories you burn every day.

Experts, the average weight of a person who spends the day and never move a minimum of 1000-1400 calories are needed. Someone who moves very little needs about 400-600 calories from this calorie rate. But in normal people who participate in life, the daily calorie need is 1800-2000 for women and 2200-2400 for men.

“Healthy Eating Guide” experts, 75 pounds someone sitting for 1 hour to spend 68 calories are reported. The more weight you have, the more calories you will burn. Calorie burning rate also varies according to metabolic rate and gender. 86 pounds a man sitting reading a book while 112 calories, 73 pounds a woman consumes 96 calories. To calculate how many calories you sit, you can find the number of hours you sit by multiplying the calories you spend. For example, a woman with 73 kilos will sit 9 hours a day and burn 960 calories a day.

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