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Secrets of Adriana Lima’s Perfect Makeup

Secrets of Adriana Lima’s Perfect Makeup

The beautiful face of Maybelline New York , Adriana Lima , often attracts attention with her fresh and flawless style in red carpet looks. The famous star reflects the radiance of simplicity by highlighting her eyebrows and lips to complete her flawless skin look. We wanted to take a closer look at the selections of the famous star in order to catch Adriana’s glow with the right products and techniques.

Perfect skin

It is one of the most important points of how your skin looks and feels when you make up. For this, you should find and apply the foundation that best suits the skin tone and type. At this point, our recommendation is Maybelline New York Affinitone foundations that are compatible with all skin types . Applying an illuminator on the upper part of the cheekbones and adding a bit of pinkness to the cheeks will also change the weather. If you want to have prominent facial contours like Adriana, you can easily apply contour makeup with a practical contour product. 

Stunning looks

Adriana’s generally preferred smoky eye makeup makes her beautiful blue eyes stand out even more. There are a lot of eye shadow palettes that you can use to make an eye makeup according to your taste. Our suggestion is to invest in an eye shadow palette with the shades you love. You can click here to learn about the eyeshadow palettes that are the favorite of beauty bloggers. According to makeup specialists, the secret weapon of perfect appearance is eyebrows. You can see your eyebrows as a precious frame on your face.

By using an eyebrow pouch suitable for eyebrow color, it will be enough to fill the gaps between your eyebrows. On days when you want to add even more clarity to your eyes, you can count on the black eyeliner and the volumizing black mascara like Adriana. If you still can’t find the ultra black mascara of your dreams, give Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Intense Black a try.

Last touch

Mat, nude tonlarda rujla son dokunuşunu yaptıktan sonra, Adriana gibi ışıltılar saçmaya hazırsın.



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