Shock diet season at the door

Nutritionist and Dietitian warns those who want to lose weight: “Do not respect the diets such as pineapple banana milk shock diets, 3 days oats, 3 pounds of oats, seven artists who survived the weight of X bagels. Shocked diets are unfortunately not a solution. “


What are shock diets, how did they become so popular

It is an undeniable fact that social media has effects in the great area of ​​our lives… Shock diets, which spread from hand to hand, from account to account, and even with advice, are generally insufficient diets, consisting of a single diet, with calorie intake of 1000 calories and below, essential for our health.

Yes, even though such diets lose weight and satisfy the scales in the short term, they cannot actually bring us to the perfect bodies we dream of. They add problems such as broken nails and skin health, and spoil our spirits! In long-term diets that provide weight loss with adequate and balanced diet, weight is mostly permanently lost from fat mass, while fat diets are not lost in shock diets. From the moment we quit the diet, we have also looked at the hop, we have gained the weight we have lost too much.


Shock diets are seen as saviors

Especially with the onset of the summer months, we quickly get into the fuss of slimming and look for remedy in shock diets instead of adequate and balanced nutrition program because we don’t have time to lose, that bikini should be on us best. We make the same mistake to be the star of the night with our appearance on important nights such as graduation and wedding. Isn’t it important to break our balance and be hungry?

The shock diets that are looked after and starve, and push to uniform nutrition, save only momentarily in the scales, afterwards frustration… Our bodies do not look the way we want because our fats do not leave us. Moreover, since we disrupt the muscle mass and water balance, negative effects on our health and disgust from the nutrients are also a gift! Another reason for preference is to leave the healthy diet for various reasons (to be bored with the diet, to see the diet as a burden) and to look for another solution.


We did a shock diet, then

Individuals who apply to shock diets do not have adequate and balanced nutritional awareness. These diets cause time loss, we cannot understand a barley length you will understand. While these diets, which are insufficient in terms of macro nutrients, can disrupt our body’s hormonal balance and cause menstrual irregularities, deficiencies in terms of vitamins and minerals can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis, anemia, and distraction. Here are a few more minus. Sudden loss of water in the body after prolonged fasting may cause weakness, low blood pressure and dizziness and affect our motivation. On top of that, tension and nervousness are added, which is inedible.

In order to lose weight with our slowing metabolism, it is necessary to take less calories. When returning to a normal diet, more weight is taken. Unhealthy weight loss and loss causes various deformations in the body; our cracks are formed, our glowing skin is solar, our beautiful hair is shed. Those cared bodies are now far away…


My miracle food weaken me

In shock diets based on uniform nutrition, intolerance may develop due to the long entry of a certain food into the body or it may cause damage to our organs. For example, recently popular barley diet can cause celiac disease; long-term high-protein shock diets cause serious damage to the kidneys in particular. Only in shock diets based on fluid intake, water poisonings occur and serious pictures progressing to loss of consciousness can be seen, while disturbing the body’s electrolyte balance and revealing heart problems.

Always popular is not true, let’s not be from our health so that we will keep up with popularity.

Low-calorie diets should only be recommended and supervised by professionals such as physicians, dieticians and psychologists when medical treatment is required, within the framework of a specific protocol. Apart from these special cases, we should not forget that the best way to lose weight is accompanied by a nutritionist, by taking nutrients enough and balanced, we should not endanger our health. In addition to the instant benefit (!), We should stay away from unconscious shock diets that have a lot of harm as much as possible, after which “What I expected and what I found!” Let’s not be in a state.

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