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Smooth Skin: What Is Powder? How to Drive in the Most Accurate Way?

Smooth Skin: What Is Powder? How to Drive in the Most Accurate Way?

We cannot be the only powder addicts ! We make a bet, if we mix your makeup bag right now, we will find a compact powder . Are we unfair? Powders are a must for any makeup enthusiast, but this is getting more complex day by day. HD powder, color powder, compressed powder, transparent powder, powder powder … Uf! Anyway, don’t panic right away. We will pack everything you need to know in this article. What is the powder? How to use powder It’s time to answer the questions you ask us the most. Are you ready to learn powder makeup information?

What is Powder? What is it used for?

Face powder is one of the key products of skin makeup. It is used to fix skin makeup, prevent liquid products from filling the lines and give the skin a matte look.

For smooth skin, we strongly recommend that you use powder in every makeup. You can apply the powder on the foundation if you wish, or you can complete the skin makeup using only powder. Since the makeup powder makes the skin look more matte, it is especially used by oily skin. If you face the problem of shine after  applying your makeup, we recommend that you add the skin powder to your makeup bag as soon as possible.

Powder varieties

Right from the start, we are dealing with what is pressed powder, what is loose powder. We divide the powders into two according to their structure: pressed powder and loose powder powders. 

Powder powders

Powdered powder makes the skin look more refined and natural. It can be applied with a make-up brush or sponge. It is used to catch a natural finish in daily makeup and make-up stabilizer .

Powdered powder leaves a more vivid result compared to other types of powder. In addition, thanks  to its powder structure, it can be applied to sensitive areas such as around the eyes more easily. It can be applied with powder powders suitable for every skin type. Baking application can actually be translated as a makeup cooking technique. To make up the make-up, you should apply plenty of transparent powder to the area where you apply concealer and wait. Then sweep the powder with the powder brush sweeping technique. So your makeup will be more permanent and look smooth. Baking application is generally preferred for night makeup.

Powder powder recommendation: If you are looking for powder powder that will make your makeup look matte all day long, we recommend Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Powder to you. If you want, you can use this powder as a foundation alone or you can also apply it on the foundation to fix the foundation.

Pressed Powders / Compact Powders

Pressed powders are the same for quick touch-ups when you’re in D- light . Compact powder is similar to compressed powder . It can be used alone on the skin as it has a denser structure. It hides skin imperfections and provides intense coverage.

In order to control the lubrication in our nose area, we apply our powder powder especially to our T zone without leaving the house. However, if we need makeup refresher during the day, we also have compressed or compact powder in our bag. Actually it’s extremely simple!

Pressed powder recommendation: If you are looking for pressed powder in skin makeup, you can use Vichy Dermablend Mineral Compact Powder  . You can instantly get rid of your oiled make-up during the day and hide the newly appeared acne with powder.

Color Powders – A Transparent Powder Issue

Color powder, unlike transparent powder, creates a smooth appearance by hiding skin imperfections just like a foundation. If you have oily skin and want to quickly apply skin makeup, you can complete your makeup with colored powder.

Transparent powder does not offer concealing properties due to its transparent structure. With Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder , we fix our makeup and provide a lasting matte all day long. If you ask our preference, our answer as a makeup buff is “both!” It happens. You can make your choice according to your needs. If you focus on opacity and glare control and want a natural finish, you can use transparent powder if you want to fix your makeup and look like porcelain.

HD Powder

HD powder comes from the word “high definition” and usually make-up artists prefer these powders in the celebrities who will appear on television. The reason is that HD powders are lighter than other powders and offer a high resolution look. Do you need HD powder in daily use? Why not!

You should definitely use HD powder if you want porcelain skin makeup look especially at graduation parties or events such as weddings and engagements . One of the most effective secrets of looking flawless in photos is to use HD powder.

HD powder recommendation: If you are looking for powder for special occasions, our recommendation is NYX Professional Makeup HD Finishing Powder . We love this powder, which prevents the light from shining on the face and creates a flawless effect.

How to Apply Powder?

Powder is very simple to use ! We explain how to apply powder :

First, get a powder brush. You should prefer round-headed powder brushes with soft bristles. Our powder brush recommendation: NYX Professional Makeup Pro Lightweight Powder Brush. After taking the powder brush, apply the powder by following the steps below.

  • Apply makeup base, foundation and concealer, respectively. 
  • Put your powder in the brush and whip the excess powder in the brush to make it fly. 
  • Apply the powder to the middle of your face first. 
  • For a more natural and even appearance, distribute the powder in round movements towards the outer corners of your face.

That’s it. Matte and flawless! We prefer to use a powder brush instead of a makeup sponge so we can distribute the powder better. What about you?



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