Special Enhancers for Children with Natural Blends

You can prepare delicious foods with special mixtures that strengthen the immune system. Gaining immunity in childhood is very important and necessary for a healthy life and prevention of disease risks.

Natural foods, while supporting their healthy development and physical development, you can ensure that the immune system is stronger and better equipped.

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  • Natural Formulas For Children
    • Royal Jelly & Honey
    • Ginger & Turmeric
    • Banana Yogurt

Natural Formulas For Children

For kids strengthens the immune system special mixes are as follows;


Royal Jelly & Honey

For the prevention of cancer diseases and to eliminate the risk of many metabolic diseases benefits of royal jelly is known to strengthen the immune system. Children over 3 years old should be given royal jelly every day. Mix antioxidant rich honey and give 1 teaspoon daily.


Ginger & Turmeric

Ginger and turmeric, which enhance and strengthen the immune system extra, can be given to children by mixing with yogurt. Everyday; 1 teaspoon each in 1 bowl of yogurt turmeric and ginger mix and feed.


Banana Yogurt

Banana is among the favorite fruits of almost every child. Yogurt is one of the foods that should be consumed every day with its probiotic feature. To improve the immune system, chop 1 banana into yogurt and make it eat one bowl every day. It regulates and develops intestinal activities, thus providing healthy bacteria and thus strengthening the immune system.

Strengthening the immune system in children

For you should definitely give iron-containing foods. Fruits and vegetables rich in iron provide healthier development.

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