Spring allergy can cause diseases

Candidates, children and infants may experience allergic diseases due to pollen spreading through trees, weeds and grains. In particular, asthma patients and expectant mothers of mothers should take some precautions against allergic diseases. Chest Diseases Specialist from Central Hospital Specialist. Dr. Mübeccel Akman warns against allergic diseases.


Why spring allergy occurs

With the arrival of spring, allergic diseases begin to affect about 30-40 percent of the world’s population. Pollen which is one of the main causes of spring allergy; It spreads through the meadow, grains, trees and weeds and impresses us by wind. The most pollen level during the day is the morning hours. Pollen, which began to emerge in February, continues to spread until October. Pollen level rises in dry and sunny weather. An increase is also observed in allergic diseases. It is very important to protect babies and children against asthma and upper respiratory tract diseases, especially in the spring months.

With the arrival of spring season, allergic diseases begin to occur more frequently in children. Spring allergy can cause allergic cold, asthma and eye allergies. The most important of spring allergies are diseases such as seasonal allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma and pollen allergy.


90 percent of asthma is of allergic origin

Asthma in childhood is 90 percent allergic in origin. Allergenic substances in the home create sensitivity in the bronchi; Contact with stimulants such as hot – cold air exchange, exercise, respiratory infections, chemical odors, air pollution and cigarette smoke triggers the emergence of asthma. In addition, excessive exposure to the allergic substance can cause symptoms of cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. When upper respiratory allergy is not treated, the risk of allergic asthma disease increases significantly.


Allergy is genetically passed to the baby

If the mother or father has an allergic disease especially related to the respiratory tract, the possibility of an allergic condition in the baby is about 40 percent. If there is an allergic condition in both parents, this probability is about 70 percent.


It is important to stay away from allergens

As with other allergic diseases, the most important point to be considered in the treatment of allergic asthma is to stay away from the allergic substance. Environmental precautions can be prevented by taking precautions. In this way, it is possible to reduce symptoms and sensitivity in the bronchi. If these precautions are not sufficient, drugs in the form of sprays to treat bronchi can be used in patients for whom medication may be appropriate. These sprays reduce bronchial sensitivity due to allergies and prevent attacks. If asthma progresses, bronchial relaxing sprays may also be preferred. However, it should not be forgotten that these drugs do not destroy the disease based. It is effective as long as sprays are used in most children. When it stops, symptoms may appear again. In allergic asthma, the only treatment method that can radically treat the disease and change its natural course is allergy vaccine treatment.


Can it be mixed with other diseases due to its symptoms

Due to the symptoms of spring allergies, viral infections can be confused with asthma, sinusitis, reflux, inflammation of the thyroid gland and psychological problems.


Parents can follow a number of ways to protect their children from spring allergies. Since allergic diseases usually occur during sudden weather changes, children should be careful to dress according to the seasonal conditions. Children should be protected from sweating problem and their clothes should be changed when they sweat. Hygiene is one of the simple and effective methods to prevent infections. Washing the child’s hands frequently will protect him from infections. Parents should also only contact their children after washing their hands and faces. A good and balanced diet is also important for strengthening the immune system. While foods containing yogurt, kefir, and probiotics support the intestinal flora, fresh fruits and vegetables also strengthen the immune system. In addition, it is very useful for both children and adults to stay away from indoor spaces and shopping centers and take half an hour in sunny weather.



In order to solve the allergy problems that may occur during pregnancy, first of all, it should be determined what the allergic reactions of the expectant mother are. The mother should stay away from situations against dust. It should be careful not to be in wooded areas such as parks and gardens during periods of high pollution. When she comes from outside, she should take off her clothes and take a shower.


Allergy condition can cause more serious pictures

Itching and nasal congestion in the eyes causes allergies in allergies. In addition, rarely allergic reaction, swelling of the tongue, edema in the airways, non-breathing and situations requiring urgent intervention may be encountered.

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