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Stickers Affixed to Glass, How to Remove Tape Stain on Glass?

Stickers Affixed to Glass, How to Remove Tape Stain on Glass?

Glass bottles, plastic and jars on the sticky paper, tape, stickers or sticky stains, if you are stubborn alternative methods, you can apply what you want.

Use hot water and soap

Immerse the glass object with the label in hot soapy water. Waiting for 30-30 minutes will soften the paper on which the label is made and then remove it with your hand easily. Remove the label. You can remove it with your fingers or take a blind knife and gently remove the corners. Try to remove the stick by moving the knife under the label until the label is completely removed. The knife must be blind or otherwise draws the glass.

Use Carbonate

Mix equal amounts of carbonate and liquid oil. Rub the label area with the mixture and leave for 5 min. Wipe off the softening label and residues of the mixture.

Use Laundry Soda

Cover the bucket or faucet sink and fill it with hot water and washing soda. Depending on how much water you use, you can use half a glass or 1 glass of soda soda. Remove the labeled glass from the water. The label will be easy to remove as the soda is more alkaline than carbon.

Use Heat

In the highest setting, heat the label with the hair dryer for 1-2 minutes. Peel off the label. Take care to remove the label gently with your fingers, the surface can be very hot.

Use toilet rubbish

Pour the toilet rubbish into a paper towel, napkin, cotton or cloth. Rub the label. The label may exit immediately or you may have to repeat the steps.

Use WD-40

Protect yourself and damage surfaces. Tighten the WD-40 evenly over the label. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Remove the label with a clean cloth

Use soap, oil or other adhesive-removing materials. Remaining residual residue from stubborn adhesives.

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