Such a thing came out of the mouth of the woman who underwent migraine surgery. . .


Surprised when they thought they removed a tumor from a woman’s throat, they were shocked when they discovered a large leech circulating inside their sinuses. The 63-year-old woman living in Ha Giang, Vietnam, whose name was not disclosed went to the hospital and told her doctors that she had been suffering from migraine attacks for three months. After the examination, a throat tumor was diagnosed and a surgical intervention was planned for its immediate removal. However, when the surgeons started working, they couldn’t find any tumors.

Instead, they found a leech about 5 inches long inside and quickly removed it from the body. Images of the operation on January 9 were recorded by doctors. It was noted that the leech removed from the woman’s mouth was still alive during the operation.

According to the doctors, the leech would attack the patient’s sinuses and make it difficult for him to breathe, if not detected over time. As the woman reportedly lives in a mountainous area and often baths in spring water, where she can come into contact with leeches.


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