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Sugar, Blood Sugar Raising, Bouncing Foods What are fruits?

Sugar, Blood Sugar Raising, Bouncing Foods What are fruits?

In this article, we give information about? What should not eat diabetics, who should not eat diabetics, what is harmful to diabetics, what is prohibited, food that raises blood sugar, what are the fruits? Siz. First of all, what is diabetes?

What is diabetes with the famous name diabetes; sugar, especially brain and heart cells is the energy source that allows the cells to function primarily. On the back of the stomach there is a gland called pancreas. The pancreas produces a substance called insulin. Insulin opens the door to the cells for the use of sugar in the blood (which allows the use of sugar in the cells). If the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or is functional, sugar accumulates in the blood. The sugar required to be fueled into the cells turns into a harmful substance for the body. The accumulation of sugar in the blood is called diabetes (diabetes).

There are 2 types of diabetes; Type 1 diabetes: The pancreas is caused by insufficient insulin production. Type 2 diabetes: The pancreas produces sufficient insulin, but it cannot provide the exacting characteristics of insulin. The exact cause and treatment have not yet been found. The frequency of genetic predisposition (those with diabetes in the upper line) is increased. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, follow your doctor’s recommended medicines and food lists, allowing you to live your life normally. In cases where it is ignored; The end regions (fingertips) of the cells that cannot provide adequate blood flow and therefore cannot be fed begin. These wounds may heal too late and even heal not be healed due to finger losses, blindness can go to vision loss.

General Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. Excessive toilet request (body tries to remove accumulated sugar from blood)
  2. Mouth dryness & very water drinking desire. (due to the necessity of replacing water in the body excreted by urine)
  3. Excessive fatigue
  4. Sudden weight loss

Foods that Diabetes Patients Should Stay Away

White bread

In our country, mainly white bread is produced in all furnaces. The white bread we consume is one of the first foods to be avoided for diabetics. Actually white flour; It is a food with low nutritional value and fiber. The white bread also causes unnecessary weight gain and because it is free of all nutrients, it also causes a body appearance. Instead of white bread, we prefer the bran, cereal or whole-wheat breads available in our ovens.

Breakfast Cereals

In our country, the new new demand, milk is mixed into the so-called breakfast is a full sugar bombs are consumed. In fact, the cereals contained in the content are useful, but the sweeteners and sugars added to these cereals make it inconvenient for diabetics. Especially the new mothers to pay attention to this issue, the continuation of the breakfast habits of the new generation is essential for the health of the new generation.

Fatty Meats

Fat meat of animals such as sheep cows are delicious food for most people. But for diabetics (especially type 2), fatty meat is among the foods to be avoided. In addition, these saturated fats in the meat are the triggers of a wide range of diseases ranging from cholesterol to inflammation. Diabetes patients also have a risk of heart disease, these fat fatigue should be avoided. Instead you can prefer lean meats, chicken or fish.

Carbonated Drinks

The world is one of the biggest enemies of diabetics in highly consumed carbonated beverages. They raise the blood sugar to the highest level. Even a healthy person can quickly remove the blood values ​​and then suddenly drop these drinks are harmful to all people. They are the triggers of many diseases, not just diabetes, but from heart disease to obesity . According to the 2010 ”Diabetes Care“ study in the USA; The risk of having Type 2 diabetes in those using carbonated beverages is 26% higher than those consuming less. Although the exact cause of diabetes is unknown, it is accepted that carbonated beverages increase the incidence of diabetes.

Packaged Fruit Juices

Although our country has a large orchard, some people continue to consume the closed fruit juices . Closed fruit juices, which are indispensable for patient visits, are on the list of those who should avoid diabetes. Very low nutritional value, lack of fiber and rich in artificial sweeteners, these drinks should be replaced with fresh fruit . Note: fruits may also contain high sugar content. If you are diabetic, you have to be measured in fruit consumption. For your fruit need; Avocado, strawberry, cherry, grapefruit, grapes, kiwis and oranges such as oranges can choose low sugar.

White Rice

Rice is one of the most popular foods in our country. But research shows that white rice increases the rate of sugar in the blood quickly. Just like white sugar, processed (white) rice is among the foods that diabetics should avoid. According to a study published in 2012 in BMJ, the incidence of type 2 diabetes has increased in countries such as China and Japan, which consume high rice. You can prefer brown rice with high fiber content instead of white rice.


Especially fried potatoes are among the foods that diabetics should avoid. All potato dishes, whether baked, boiled or fried, also have the same effect. This is due to the fact that the starch in the potato is rapidly decomposed and converted into sugar. In addition, fried potatoes affect the cardiovascular health negatively.

Packaged Products

Almost all the products you see on the shelves, such as chocolates, biscuits, ice cream or chips, are harmful to you. These aburcuburs, which are rich in refined white flour and sugar & glucose, are actually counterfeit foods which cause toxicity to every healthy person, cause Type 2 diabetes and cause unhealthy weight gain.

Fruits that raise sugar

Baklava, rice pudding, bread kadayifs are among the banned foods. It is very difficult in today’s conditions to get away from the dessert, but we actually get our sweet need without being aware of many foods. Nevertheless, when we are sweet, we must buy brown chocolate, dates or fruit that contains less sugar. Note that fruits such as melon, watermelon and banana contain high sugar. Dried fruits, watermelon, melons, apricots, grapes, such as high sugar content of sugar increases your blood sugar. Such berries are also required for your food health. So you should eat not enough to fool your nourishment.

Additional information

  1. Diabetes patients using dandelion, zahter plants say they feel better.
  2. Eat plenty of green leafy plants.
  3. Alcohol, smoking and stress are important factors that trigger diabetes. Stay away from them.
  4. Heavy training or heavy work to make your body worse will worsen the course of the disease.
  5. The exact cause and treatment of diabetes is not yet known in modern medicine. Do not rely on television or ear-to-ear information about those who claim to do drugs. Don’t risk your health.

Dr Feridun Kunak’s Cure
1 liter of pure olive oil
1 glass of olive oil (do not discard the seeds of the olives you eat to make this cure)
1 cup olive leaf
1 litre zeytinyağına 1 su bardağı zeytin çekirdeği ve 1 su bardağı zeytin yaprağı atıp, blenderdan geçirin. Preparation: 1 liter of olive oil 1 cup of olive kernels and 1 cup of olive leaf and blend, pass through the blender. Leave this mixture in the sun for 1 hour a day, while at other times of the day keep it in a place where there is no sun. Filter the mixture after 15 days. Morning lunch evening for 1 dessert spoon.

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