Sümeyye Boyacı returned from America with a gold medal

Paralympic Swimming European Champion Sümeyye Boyacı returned with a gold medal from America, where she went with the support of her main sponsor Bursa Kebap Evi and transportation sponsor Turkish Airlines. Held on 4-6 April in the United States to the World Series goes Mohamed Painter, Turkey was the only athlete representing the United States. Thanks to this support, Sümeyye Boyacı, who was the first paralympic athlete to join the Indianapolis World Paralympic Swimming Series; He entered a total of 5 competitions: 50 meters back, free and butterfly, 100 meters free and 200 meters free races. Having attracted all the attention with its superior performance in its branches, Boyacı ranked first in 200 meters free swimming in its own disability groups, second in 100 meters free swimming, second in 50 meters butterfly swimming, first in 50 meters free swimming, and fourth in 200 meters free swimming in all obstacle groups. Sümeyye won the gold medal, leaving all of its competitors behind in the 50-meter backstroke category.


The medal he received was the first

The European Champion, which won the gold medal in the 2018 European Paralympic Swimming European Championship held in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, targets the world championship in 2019 and the Olympic championship in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Sümeyye Boyacı, who should attend the world series that will be held in countries such as America, Singapore, Italy, Finland and Germany before the world championship planned to take place in July, Bursa Kebap House, the main sponsor of the American race, which is the first and the most challenging world series, and the transportation sponsor, Turkish Airlines. went with the support of. United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee in the past year did not happen in a series hosted athletes representing Turkey. Our national swimmers from this series first went to Turkey, returning champion in the race with medals and 50 meters back taken in the single category represented Turkey paralympic swimmer was the only Turkish.


Next is the world championship

Returning from the American race with a gold medal and now preparing for other world series, Sümeyye Boyacı landed at the new airport of Istanbul upon his return to the United States. Painter; “It was a difficult race and very exciting. It was very important for me to compete in such a big organization. I thank my sponsors, successes increase as such supports increase. Now there is the world championship. America is one of the most important races in the world series. In this race, unlike other races, all categories compete with each other and there is no discrimination. All obstacle levels are in the same race. It is also pleasing to accomplish and compete with more people. I am talking about the importance of sponsorship support at every opportunity. I went to this race with the support of my sponsors. Thanks to sports, this is a field that becomes more beautiful when it is supported, this achievement is the best proof. ” shared his feelings with his statements.


Sümeyye Boyacı’s main sponsor, Bursa Kebap Evi Chairman of the Board Cem Helvacı: “Sumeyye to have complete belief. Tangible and we will continue to support him with our spiritual all our strength. We have occasion to represent Turkey. Such being part of a nice table transmitter also important and extremely proud of us.” he said.

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