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Surgical Rupture Treatment, Braking Rotation Herbal Solution

Surgical Rupture Treatment, Braking Rotation Herbal Solution

A hair turn is to keep the hairs from growing out of your skin. Braking is a more common skin problem in armpits, legs or bikini areas. Hair structure curves are more likely to be seen. From time to time painful, acne swelling and redness shows the sign. The beginning of the hair loss can be eliminated with a very simple surgical method, but it requires very serious operations in the following stages. As with other diseases, the onset of hair growth does not give much symptoms, and as the hairs that come in time increase, the disease progresses. We recommend that you try one of the following methods to get rid of this discomfort which is only possible with the surgery in the early stages.


Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, carbonate has a relaxing effect. Besides, it cleanses the skin from dead cells and plays an important role in getting rid of itching and hair loss. Mix 1 cup of water with a tablespoon of carbonate. Apply this mixture to the area of ​​hair rotation and rub it slightly. After 5 minutes rinse with cold water . Apply 2-3 times a day. Another recipe is; Mix one teaspoon carbonate, one teaspoon ground oatmeal and 1 cup water. Do this for 3-5 minutes by massaging the area where the hair is rotated and rinse with warm water. You can apply this recipe 2 times a day.


Aspirin helps prevent the inflammation and redness caused by the swelling of the hair. Place 2 aspirin and 1 teaspoon warm water on a small plate. After softening the aspirin, add a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture to the area of ​​hair rotation . After waiting 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. You can do this twice a week. Do not apply aspirin if you have excess sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the prevention of infection and skin renewal. Tea tree oil can be obtained from the transfer. Obtain a solution by adding 5 drops of tea tree oil to 2 tablespoons of water. After cleaning the area with white pure soap, apply the mixture to your skin. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. You should apply 2 times a day. Another suggestion is; Add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil to 1 tablespoon of halis olive oil. Apply a 3-5 minute massage to the problem area. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. You should do this twice in the day.

Sugared Peeling

Sugar is an effective treatment method that you can use for hair rotation. Accelerates the spilling of dead cells, softens the upper layer of the skin and helps you get rid of hair rotation. It provides a smooth appearance to the skin next to it. Add half a cup of olive oil or jojoba oil to a glass of sugar. Add 10 ar drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil. After this mixture is thoroughly mixed, rub the hair in the area where you live and apply peeling with circular massages. After 3-5 minutes rinse with warm water. You can apply this recipe once or twice a week. By storing the remaining mixture in a sealed container, you can use it in the next application.


The use of salt is a natural mineral that will help to increase blood circulation, reduce redness and swelling and help you to get rid of hair turns. Melt one tablespoon of salt in 1 glass of warm water and rub it with a cotton pad. After 3-5 minutes, rinse with water . Apply 2 times daily until you are free of hair loss. Note: Do not apply this suggestion if the hair turn is in an advanced, hairy state.

Tea bags

Black tea, thanks to the tannin content, improves irritation, softens the skin, making it easier for the skin to remain on the skin surface. Wait a few minutes in warm water, tea bag, 7-8 minutes until the skin hold. Alternatively, simply pour the normal brewed black tea from the teapot into a tea cup and squeeze the lemon onto it. It’s your skin with the help of cotton. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera inflammation dryer, moisturizing the skin and cell regenerating effect is a plant. In this way, the skin’s self-repair process to prevent the return of the hair, as well as help to correct the negative effects that occur. From the aloe vera plant, remove the gel. After waiting half an hour, rinse with warm water. Repeat this for 2-3 days, 2-3 times a day.


Since honey has antibacterial properties, it helps to clear the area of ​​infection. Honey, which also acts as a natural moisturizer, helps you get rid of the rotating hair by softening the skin. Apply some honey to the problem area and let it dry for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Repeat 3-4 times a day until you get rid of your discomfort.

Note: In case of hair loss, strong pain, boils or bleeding should be checked by a doctor. Please note that the suggestions we provide here help in the initial stages.

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