Take action on world dental health day

Although it is important to take care of mouth, teeth and gums, a healthy mouth not only prevents tooth decay, but also prevents general health disorders.


1. Dental caries are the leading dental diseases that affect half of the world population (3.58 billion people).

2. Current media reports in the UK emphasize that dental caries is the number one reason for children’s admissions to hospitals, and an average of 10-20 of adults aged 35-44 in Europe is caries.

3. BENEO Legal Regulations and Nutrition Communication Vice President Anke Sentko “Even though good oral hygiene is the first condition of a healthy mouth, some bacteria can still survive with the best brushing technique. In this direction, sugar-free candies and chewing gums can be used to support good oral health. Sugar-free products are regenerated and While prolonging the time of remineralization (self-repair effect), the sucking and chewing process provides the secretion of saliva, which gives a general sense of relaxation in the mouth. ” says.


The number of productions that will help manufacturers develop solutions that support oral health is increasing day by day. BENEO’s tooth-friendly and sugar substitute ISOMALT is among the functional ingredients. This raw material is a special ingredient that is used in the production of sugar-free sugar gums, which is used instead of sugar among sugar-free hard candies worldwide. In addition, BENEO’s tooth-friendly sugar Palatinose ™ offers manufacturers opportunities to develop chocolate, soft candies and similar products that will not cause tooth decay. For Sentko producers; “Both ISOMALT and Palatinose ™ have an FDA health claim that they are dental friendly and do not cause tooth decay and that they do not cause tooth decay”. Manufacturers holding such solutions can reformulate products to be tooth-friendly. Thus, they offer a new way to “enable people to take action for oral health and to support healthy mouth and body.”

By giving information as “So why not choose a sweet treat that will make you smile on World Oral Health Day?” says.

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