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Thank you for accessing our Internet portal (www.bluewoman.net) or all links containing the information of the products and services we distribute (hereinafter briefly referred to as the “BLUE WOMEN Website”). We hope you will benefit from the service and information we offer and find many suggestions to shape your private or professional IT environment. Please take some time to read our written terms below from start to finish. If you wish, you can copy the entire text and / or print it out.

1. General

Partial or full use of the BLUE WOMEN Website is subject to these Terms of Use. BLUE WOMAN reserves the right to change, correct or replace these terms at any time and without notice. By entering or registering on the website in order to access or use the website, you agree to the current Terms of Use that are essential to the use of the Website. The use of the BLUE WOMEN Web Site is at your own risk.

2. Accessibility to BLUE WOMEN Website

The user knows that BLUE WOMEN is not responsible for keeping the Website ready at all times. BLUE WOMAN also reserves the right to stop the Operation of the Website partially or completely or to limit access to certain users or all users at any time and without notice.

3. Use of the BLUE WOMEN Website, Content and Information provided

All information provided to users by BLUE WOMEN is public (unless otherwise stated) and is free of charge. Each user can use and store the information provided for their personal needs. The use of information or images in other ways or for commercial purposes, in particular, copying, modification, or integration with any type of publication or advertisement, however, is subject to BLUE WOMEN’s prior authorization. All information, documents and pictures published on the BLUE WOMEN website are subject to the “Intellectual and Artistic Works Law” and written permission must be obtained from the BLUE WOMEN for use. Otherwise, it will constitute a crime, and BLUE WOMAN has the right to search for all kinds of material and moral rights within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Turkey and the agreements with the companies it distributes,

4. Third Party Links / Content and Information

BLUE WOMEN Website may contain links and references to third-party websites-pages. Since BLUE WOMEN does not have control over the content or information on such web pages, it does not take responsibility for the content of such web pages or make warnings about such websites and their contents. BLUE WOMAN is also not responsible for the quality, accuracy and completeness of the information provided as third party information, including information provided by any of its business partners, on the BLUE WOMAN website.

5. Software Download

If the software is provided by BLUE WOMEN for download, the partial or full use of such software is subject to the appropriate license terms of the legal supplier or manufacturer (license agreement). These terms will come with the software or may be obtained from the manufacturer / legal supplier of the software. In general, the user will not be able to install such software without accepting the appropriate license terms provided.

The software provided for download is provided for private or test use only. Other uses are criminal and subject to civil law. Mandatory use rights are protected as they are, without being affected by the specific legal framework appropriate for the region.

BLUE WOMEN is not responsible for damages arising from the use of data files downloaded directly or indirectly.

6. Important Announcement About Computer Viruses

Although BLUE WOMEN makes every effort to protect the BLUE WOMEN Website from viruses, it cannot provide any guarantee for virus-freeness. The user should take steps to take special security measures to protect himself and use a virus scanner before downloading any information, software or documents.

7. Password Usage and Responsibility Rules

As for the use of such passwords that must be obtained for the use of the Website, the user is responsible for the safe use of any password and the prevention of abuse. When the user realizes that this password can be accessed or misused by an unauthorized third party person, the user should immediately notify the BLUE WOMAN of this situation. In BLUE WOMEN, he then takes the necessary measures to prevent the use of the password. Even though it has been mentioned above, let’s state that, BLUE WOMEN does not cause any harm through the negligence or deliberate behavior of any BLUE WOMAN employee or third party with whom it works,

8. Limitation of Liability

BLUE WOMEN is not strictly responsible for situations such as loss of profits, cancellation of operations, stopping of operations or loss of data, unless required by law. Although liability is limited under the law from € 10,000, – to a maximum total of € 50,000, – per incident, there are no such limitations.

9. Jurisdiction / Appropriate Law

BLUE WOMEN Website is operated and managed only in the countries where BLUE WOMAN does business. BLUE WOMEN does not customize and make the information, documents, pictures, software and / or documents on the BLUE WOMEN Website available for viewing or downloading files in other countries. If the User accesses the BLUE WOMAN Website from other countries, it is his responsibility to comply with all local laws. Access to information, software and / or documents of the BLUE WOMEN Web Site from countries where such content is considered illegal is expressly prohibited.

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