The 5 Most Effective Methods for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

It is necessary to clean the makeup brush every 1 month at least. In fact, it is best to clean the makeup brush every one week. This is very important, both in terms of being able to use the brush for a long time and preventing bacteria accumulation. As the makeup brush is left dirty, germs begin to multiply on it. If used in this way, there is no doubt that it will adversely affect the health of the skin. It causes blackheads and pimples, for example. If you want to protect your skin and beauty, you need to be sensitive about makeup brush cleaning. So how is the makeup brush washing process carried out? Meanwhile, what should be considered in order to prevent the makeup brush from being damaged? Here is the answer:

How to Clean a Makeup Brush?

Use Makeup Remover

The products we use while removing our make-up also help us with brush cleaning. For example, it is very difficult to separate foundation and similar makeup materials from the brush. However, make-up removal gels easily overcome this problem. Let’s wet our brush for this. To lather, let’s take some of the cleansing gel in our palm and start gently rubbing the brush into our hands. While washing, the tip of the brush should come down so that water does not get into it. Otherwise, the substance that keeps the bristles on the brush together loses its stickiness and the brush starts to shed bristles. Also, when washing the makeup brush, let’s make sure that the water is at a medium temperature. Hot water can also cause hair loss. If we apply them, it will be sparkling. After washing, let’s take the excess water with a clean towel and hang it with the tip facing down. Or we can wait for it to dry by putting it on the honeycomb.

Bebe Shampoo

It is also a great idea to take advantage of baby shampoo when it comes to cleaning a make-up sponge and brush. For this, the brush is wetted and some baby shampoo is poured. It is gently rubbed with fingertips for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You can hang the make-up brush upside down to dry, or you can put it on the heater and let it dry.

You can let the brush dry on a clean towel. Make-up brushes should be brought upside down and dried in this way. Otherwise, its bristles may be damaged.

Olive oil

You can mix olive oil and baby shampoo and use it for makeup brush cleaning.. Thus, the bristles of your brush will not deteriorate and will be cleaned thoroughly. Put a nut-sized conditioner, some olive oil and 1 teaspoon of baby shampoo in a glass of warm water. Dip the brushes in the mixture you have prepared. It will immediately remove all dirt on it. This way, your brush will not be battered and nothing will happen to its bristles. After waiting 2-3 minutes in this mixture, the brushes should be washed using baby shampoo and rinsed thoroughly. It should then be slightly dried and left alone so that any remaining wetness is gone.

You can hang the makeup brush upside down to dry, or you can put it on the heater and let it dry.

Use Make-Up Remover Gel

You can get help from special gels for these products to thoroughly clean your makeup brush without wearing it down. These cleansing gels, which do not leave any dirt on the brushes, can be used in all make-up brushes. The gel is foamed in the palm, the tip of the brush is wetted with water and the tip of the brush is cleaned by drawing circles in the palm. Then it is kept under the tap water with its end down and rinsed. It is then placed on the edge of a coffee table. (The tip of the brush should stay outside.) In this way, it is expected to dry on its own.

You can clean it with soap

The brush is wetted with bar soap. It is applied to soap and foaming. It is cleaned of residues by washing in the tap.

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