The Art of Japanese Business Shortcut, which is a great excuse for you to sleep everywhere you can think of: Inemuri

If you fall asleep, we offer you a great excuse to sleep anytime you want …

1. In Japan, the concept of confectionery or napping is replaced by ‘Inemuri’, known as the art of sleep.


First of all, it is an extremely wrong information that the Japanese do not sleep much. They can sleep a lot, but they prefer to sleep in tiny intervals throughout the day, rather than sleeping for hours in a row . The reason for this can be shown as the intense progress of daily life in Japan.

2. Although the Japanese complain about this situation, they have become accustomed to living their lives in this way due to their culture.


They can sleep by making Inemuri in transportation vehicles, shops, streets, streets, parks and even at the stairs. It is extremely possible to see someone sleeping on the floor, on the floor, on the bench and in many other ways. Although it is an unusual situation for us, the Japanese never make this strange.

3. Sleeping in bed at night is considered to be laziness, and sleeping in the course of any action during the day is normal.


Because the Japanese fit an action at any time of the day. They see a lot of sleep at night as a waste of time. Already the average night sleep in the country is 6 hours. While sleeping at work in most countries outside of Japan is a sufficient reason to be fired, it enables to be seen here as a hard working and constantly active individual.

4. In order to use the entire 24 hours efficiently, they spread their sleep needs by spreading them in small intervals.


Inemuri is strangely accepted across the country. If they can sleep comfortably with other people, it is the return of sleeping in the same room with their parents until school age. Whilst it sounds strange, no matter where they sleep, they continue their work as if there was nothing when they woke up.

5. When making Inemuri in public areas, they feel extremely safe.


In Japan, crime rates are so low that no matter where you sleep, no one will try to usurp you. On the other hand, they never accept Inemuri as sleeping. You can think of it as a click forward while sleeping, and a click back from a nap. As a word, it means ‘being there, being awake sleeps’.

6. Also, in the country where nightlife is very active, the ‘art of sleep’ is among the indispensable since they do not want to compromise their entertainment.


As a tradition of thousands of years, Inemuri is a cultural habit expected from such a hard-working nation that does not like to waste time.

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