The benefits of fasting to the brain have a miraculous effect!


Today is the 12th day of Ramadan. Fasting for long hours often causes weakening of the body and lack of energy. This is an undeniable fact. On the other hand, fasting creates a complete detox effect for body health and brain. Yes, you have not heard wrong! Experts say that fasting is good for our body and soul. So what changes does an individual who enters in a completely new period physically and mentally during the thirty days during Ramadan? What are the benefits of fasting to the body? What are the benefits of fasting to the brain? The founder of the REEM Neuropsychiatry Center, who stated that fasting all the curiosities had a relaxing effect on our psychology, Specialist Neurology Specialist. Dr. We learned from Mehmet Yavuz.


During the month of Ramadan, our brain operates at full capacity, unlike other organs. This is because the organs in our body send less stimulation to the brain in Ramadan. The decrease in the nutrients entering the body and the accustoming the body to eat at the same hours for a long time relaxes the brain. The benefit of fasting to the brain has been proven by scientific research. When an individual is fasting, protein production called neurotraffic factor increases in his brain. The brain-derived neurotraffic factor is secretory protein and is present in the brain and blood circulation.


This factor, which increases with fasting in the individual; It plays an important role in the development, vitality and fulfillment of the person’s functions. Fasting has been shown to increase mental functions. Fasting supports the formation of new stem cells in the brain and provides the secretion of chemicals that will help this function.

PROVIDES Spiritual Peace

Fasting reflects positively on one’s psychology. During Ramadan; The spiritual peace of being fasted during the day and crowded iftar tables make one feel psychologically good. Fasting is not just about eating and drinking for hours.


Fast; It also enables emotions such as empathy, patience, and so on. Fasting ensures that one has control over his nerves and does not miss the peace of others. By fasting, people ensure their internal discipline and thus learn to control their strong impulses. With fasting, we are moving away from some desires for a while. Thus, it is possible for us to focus more on our works and concentrate.


While fasting, our body will not deal with unnecessary metabolic activities, and perception and learning activities increase a lot. Our memory and memory record more.

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