The cause of incontinence may be vital!


Urinary incontinence, which people hide because of embarrassment or old age, can be a harbinger of serious health problems. The People Who Don’t Miss the Life, who travel around the city to raise awareness, met with the public with an awareness project on urinary incontinence in Gaziantep after Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir and Antalya. In the seminar hosted by Gaziantep Municipality with the presentation of Nergis Kumbasar, the President of the Continence Association Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “There may be a life-threatening illness that you do not realize under your urinary incontinence. ” said.

Urinary incontinence is among the biggest problems of women today. Especially the People Who Don’t Miss the Life, which is on the road to raise awareness of women on this issue, met with the public in Gaziantep after Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir and Antalya with the awareness project realized by Canped and Continence Association. At the seminar organized by Nergis Kumbasar, hosted by Gaziantep Municipality, at the seminar organized in Çetin Emeç Hall, Professor of Continence Association. Dr. Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan and Professor of the Continence Association. Dr. Abdullah Gedik took part as a speaker and made important statements about urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is not a natural consequence of aging

Noting that the frequency of urinary incontinence increases with advancing age, but a significant portion of people do not consult a physician because they think urinary incontinence is a natural result of aging. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “This is an important mistake we need to correct. Urinary incontinence is not a disease but a symptom. There may be serious illnesses under this. 1 out of every 4 women and 1 out of every 3 women over the age of 60 leak urine. On the other hand, in men, urinary incontinence may occur after some of the previous operations, or it may occur in advanced ages especially when some functions of the brain are lost, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. ”In the description

Stating that the frequency of giving birth in women is one of the factors affecting urinary incontinence. Dr. Abdullah Gedik said, “We encounter a lot of urinary incontinence complaints in obesity, that is, those who are overweight, who experience recurrent attacks of cough, who have severe constipation, and those who have had their uterus. “He said.

Urinary incontinence is a precursor of diabetes first

Underlining that urinary incontinence is a precursor of diabetes, Tarcan, “Bladder function is impaired in diabetics. You are missing your urine on the road until you go to the toilet because it is broken. This is the first time in diabetes. In the later stages, this time you can not pump out and empty the urine because the bladder muscle is getting tired. With urinary incontinence

This is why we can diagnose diabetes to many patients who apply . We also look at sugar in the blood. Already high sugar comes out in the urine. Therefore, urologists can diagnose diabetes in a patient who does not know he has diabetes. In herniated disc, some nervous system tumors or Multiple Sclerosis disease, which we know as MS, 15% of the patients first urinate to a urologist. when she goes with her complaint, she learns what the underlying cause is. Therefore, when a patient who leaks urine arrives, we first look at whether there is a serious illness under this symptom. Because this is vitally important. Then we turn to urinary incontinence treatment for the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, an important disease that you may not be aware of may be underlying your urinary incontinence. “ said.

Emphasizing that everything we eat and drink determines our quality of life and the frequency of going to the toilet, Gedik said that when bitter and spicy foods, caffeinated drinks, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks are consumed too much, they can cause urinary incontinence because they have irritating effects on the bladder.

“There is no such thing as you will have it in your mother”

Stating that the genetic transition in urinary incontinence continues to be investigated. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “There is no such thing as you will have it in your mother. Only probability may increase. Most of the time, you may experience urinary incontinence due to the things that happen to you later in your life. ” said.

Stating that they do not recommend keeping urine for a long time, Tarcan said, “Keeping urine for a long time causes the bladder to grow over time and the urine bag cannot be completely emptied after a while. Especially women do not go to the toilet outside because of the fear of catching germs. However, none of the urinary tract infection germs are germs we import from outside. It’s all ours
our own microbes. If we hold our urine for a long time, we allow those microbes to pass into the bladder and nest there. “He said.

Bladder pad becomes a savior

Professor of the Continence Association, emphasizing the importance of bladder pads for patients with incontinence problems. Dr. Tufan Tarcan concluded his words as follows: “Urine is a sterile liquid, there is no microbe in it, but urine is acidic. If it touches the skin for a long time, it burns your skin, and when it burns, microbes that normally do not cause any problems sit there and cause skin infections. We recommend the bladder pad especially for patients who have difficulty in moving or bedridden due to old age. “

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