The Comments of Those Who Have Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal What Have Complaints?

Every person has the desire to get rid of the hair on the body. There are many applications made to get rid of this extremely disturbing situation. Laser epilation is one of them. Alexandrite laser hair removal On the other hand, it is a popular and effective method developed by taking advantage of modern technological possibilities. This FDA approved method can be used mostly all over the body.

Reviews of Those Using Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

  1. I had Alexandrite laser epilation on my armpit and bikini area. It took 8 sessions. Biteli is an average of 2 months. Right now, only 2-3 wires came out in my armpit. Unfortunately, I could not completely get rid of the unwanted hair in my bikini area, but of course it is something like no other. It comes out sometimes but it is wispy.
  2. If you are a blonde woman, be sure to stay away from getting an Alexandrite laser. 9-10 sessions were applied to me for the armpit and genital area. I regretted going a thousand times. I started diode laser epilation, I was very satisfied with it.
  3. I started the Alexandrite laser last year. Everything was fine before. I was getting lasers on my lip and chin. However, I noticed that the quince hair in the areas where laser was not applied was thickened and increased. Therefore, it has to be applied to the entire face. If you prefer this method, avoid getting it done on your face.
  4. The previous year I went to the Alexandrite laser for my armpits and legs. I neither applied cream nor felt pain. It was handled in such a practical way. However, I was very worried. My pain threshold is very low. I make a fuss at the smallest thing, my dear. :) That’s why I was afraid of even waxing. Alexandrite laser broke all my taboos, it works really great. Although I could not complete it because my budget was not enough, but I do not want to leave it halfway. My hair is noticeably reduced. If only I could have had one or two more sessions, they would probably have disappeared completely. ‘Oh man, there is the world.’ You will say, definitely try it.
  5. I say goodbye to hair growing on my armpit and face with the Alexandrite laser. I have been able to go for 3 sessions yet, but I have already started to get results. There was no trace. If you get it done by a professional, you won’t have any problems, I am lucky in this respect. My face was officially covered with hair, it was very uncomfortable to even touch it. Fortunately those days have passed.
  6. I had Alexandrite laser applied to my bikini area. But do not forget to apply Emla cream, or you will suffer. I think it is unreasonable to face that pain when there is such a product. But it takes an average of 10 minutes, it ends immediately. It is not such a time-consuming thing.
  7. I have been getting Alexandrite laser done intermittently for a year. I can say that the hair on my armpit and genital area is reduced and thinned by almost 70-80% in 4 sessions. But unfortunately, the prominence of the quince feathers on my skin has increased. Moreover, I, who has zero acne on his face, said hello to big big pimples after laser. It’s very frustrating, of course, so when you’re fixing a place it breaks down. However, there is no such thing as this will happen to everyone who has Alexandrite laser epilation. On the contrary, there are those who do not experience any side effects. The blacker and thicker your hair is, the more you will benefit from this method, I understood this.
  8. I have an Alexandrite laser for the armpit. Although 10 sessions are applied, these hairs never come to an end! Actually, it is very little, but I wish it could be solved radically.
  9. 6 years ago, I decided to have laser epilation and made a long research. First of all, I want to point out that only doctors can use the Alexandrite device. Because of it, it is not found in beauty salons. I mean, it happens in some, but of course there are also doctors doing this job. This is the most powerful of all laser machines in terms of effect. Well, am I satisfied with the epilation I had done? I continued for 6 sessions for the armpit and genital area. After each session, you go again 15 days later, they burn the hairs that grow in those areas again. Each session, as I remember, was held every 2 months. When 6 sessions were over, there was no trace of hair anymore. If I have to deal with the issue of pain, I can say that it is about sensitivity. If you have very sensitive skin, you will feel pain if you are not resistant at all. Since I am not a person who is easily affected, I had requested high laser shots from the very first session. So, with the first application, I got rid of 40% of my hair. It is also possible to make the laser with a lower rate of fire, but this time the session takes longer. So the more you can withstand the pain, the better. At least, it is sure to be less painful than waxing. Think about it, you won’t have to worry about hair removal anymore. Isn’t that nice? Yes, sometimes there are a few, but you can finish it off with a razor blade. I also wanted to have it done on my legs, but the hair on my legs was in the shape of quince feathers and yellow, so the device could not detect them.

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