The importance of calcium during breastfeeding

If calcium deficiency takes a long time, dissolutions occur in the unchanged part of the bones. This condition known as calcium destruction, osteoporosis is called (bone destruction). Also known as the silent thief of bones, osteoporosis is common among women who give birth frequently and are not well fed. For this reason, calcium consumption is more important in breastfeeding and pregnancy situations.


Breastfeeding women average per day 800 – 1000 ml (8-10 tea glasses) produce milk. This amount of milk has a nutritional cost to the mother.blank Breastfeeding woman’s many nutrients and fluid requirements such as energy, protein, vitamins, minerals increase. If the increased needs are not met, the mother is weakened, her health is deteriorated, and the productivity of the milk is negatively affected.

In case of overfeeding, the mother can get fat instead of losing weight she got during pregnancy. Mothers calcium needs high calcium like cheese and protein

Taking foods containing positively affects both their own health and milk quality, and thus their babies’ growth.

As during pregnancy during breastfeeding one of the most important minerals is calcium. When increased calcium cannot be met during breastfeeding, the changeable calcium in the bone ends is mobilized and the baby’s needs are met.

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