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The Man Who Finds Images of His Father Who Died 7 Years Ago On Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to travel virtually all over the world, street by street. With the most up-to-date images taken from satellites around the world, we can see many places thanks to Google Earth. In addition, mysterious images have been found in Google Earth so far. Many images, from sunken planes to mysterious desert patterns, have been captured thanks to Google Earth. Now living in Japan thanks to this application one man found footage of his father, who passed away seven years ago. Let’s look at the details of this sad story together.

Google Earth allows us to explore many different parts of the world from where we sit


One of the best activities to do nowadays, especially when we stay at homes due to the pandemic, is to travel the world with just a few clicks.


A man living in Japan spent his days exactly this way. He decided to search his parents’ home on Google Earth


The man, who shared his experiences with the username @TeacherUfo on Twitter, wrote that while browsing Google Earth, he came across his father, who passed away 7 years ago.


@TeacherUfo sharing satellite images; “My father must have been waiting for my mother to come home. My dad was a quiet but kind man, I hope Google Earth won’t update the photo of this place. Commented

This poignant tweet was liked by more than 600 thousand people.

This tweet shared by @Teacherufo inspired other users as well, and many users searched Google Earth for places that were emotionally valuable to them;

“When I saw your tweet, I went to Google Earth and found my grandmother working in the field. He passed away last year. I am grateful that I could see my grandmother that way ”

Another user said he searched their parents’ home and found an image of their grandfather and grandmother on their way home.

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