1. Red

It stimulates motivation, energy, enthusiasm and joy of life, warmth and love, blood pressure and body temperature. It symbolizes concepts such as hot, fire, blood, lust, love, intimacy, power, excitement and aggression, and has an encouraging effect on people making quick decisions and increasing expectations. Red, striking color, red words and objects immediately attract people’s attention. These objects are immediately noticeable if we prefer red while decorating and designing.

Red is a color that increases and stimulates emotional intensity. Those who have difficulty in controlling themselves are advised to stay away from red color. Red color leads people to forget time. That’s why the bars and night clubs are given a red color. Red color is the color of blood and has been the symbol of danger and destruction for centuries. This is why it is used as a ‘stop’ signal in traffic lights.

In the personality analysis of those who prefer the red color, they are fond of power and power. They are active, dashing, enterprising, and like to win and win. It is decisive and directive. It is desirable, greedy, ambitious. They are reactive when telling their feelings. Leadership and leadership characteristics are immediately recognized by the society.

2. Blue

The most prominent feature known is that it is relaxing, but it’s a cool color because it evokes the distance next to it. Blue is one of the most common colors on the earth at the same time. It symbolizes loneliness, sadness, depression, wisdom, trust and loyalty. While expressing the commitment and commitment to go to job interviews by wearing blue, the fact that the people going to the job interviews prefer the blue color in their costumes allows them to be accepted for the job. So, blue is one of the most popular colors, but you have to be careful when you use blue in food related issues. Because blue is a natural appetite suppressant and can in some cases have a repulsive effect, those who want to gain weight should stay away from blue.

Blue and light blue stained media improve efficiency and performance. Drawing with a thick blue pencil underneath the notes to keep in mind while working, makes it easy to keep in mind what’s being read. I don’t know why many people think blue pencils are preferred in the world. Texts written in blue pen will be in the memory more quickly and permanently.

In the personality analysis of those who prefer the blue color, we see that they are tolerant, tolerant, and they are looking for peace. They are in harmony with their surroundings and themselves. With less, they are patient and steadfast. They’re too sacrificed. They must be careful because it is sometimes very self-sacrificing for their families and friends.

3. Yellow

It is known as the color of intelligence and intelligence, and it is the color of people with intellectual personality who likes to rule and rule. Also because it is the color of the sun it poses positive feelings to people. It’s remarkable.

Yellow is inviting, just like a sunny day, while giving a feeling of brightness and warmth when used in small amounts. Yellow is like a sunshine, you want to be there to feel good about yourself, but you don’t want it in your eyes. When it comes to pale yellow, it symbolizes decay, disease, jealousy and deceit. Therefore, the selected tones are very important when yellow is concerned.

In the personality analysis of those who prefer yellow, it appears that they like to be free and independent. They like the variability, they can show a flirtatious and hilarious structure. They love to live a full day. They energize their environment. When they encounter a defect in their lives, they immediately enter a new rhythm. These individuals have a high level of persuasion ability. Intellectuality, managerialism, ambition and assertion are his basic elements.

4. Green

Green, the color of nature, is the color of balance and harmony as well as the color of trust. It has a relaxing and tranquil nature. The use of green in garments indicates adherence to customs and customs. Those who have an interest in green will have high hearts and sensuality.

Green is associated with many concepts, of which the strongest and the universal are nature. Accordingly, it also symbolizes life, youth, renewal, hopes and vigor. In some cultures, middle-aged brides wear green to symbolize fertility. Green is the most comfortable color for eyes and increases vision. It is a calming and natural effect on the nervous system. Green is also a preferred color in hospitals. Because it allows patients to relax.

In the personality analysis of those who prefer green color, it is seen that these people have a great deal of self-esteem. They insist when they know the truth. It doesn’t compromise your idea. Chaser and follower. With its authority and credibility, it succeeds in influencing its surroundings. Sometimes they can exaggerate, and the megalomania may exhibit an arrogant personality.

5. Black

It is a controversial color. On the one hand, dark forces are considered with crime and evil, on the other hand they are associated with loyalty, persistence, endurance, precaution, wisdom and credibility. On the one hand it means management and power, on the other hand it means pain, grief and grief. Black is the color of clothes for many people. Some use black to look strong and serious. Some prefer it because it shows weaker.

People who love black are often self-confident, determined and determined. They want to make their own decisions. With these features, they can be successful in business life, but they have to balance the negativities like stubbornness and extreme ambition. In addition, it was found that people who wore black had more mental problems. May cause stubbornness and depression, especially in children

6. White

Black is the color of power and individuality; he is active in feelings of passion, greed, stubbornness and opposition. It helps to increase the concentration and self-confidence. In many cultures brides wear white. Also symbolizes cleanliness. This is why doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians wear white to look sterile. White reflects light and keeps the environment cool. So the color of summer’s clothes. Generally it gives a cool and uplifting feeling.

People who love the white color are generally the ones who like cleanliness, light and thinking, the world of dreams is wide, cool and accommodating.

7. Purple

It is divine and known as the color of art because it has creative and spiritual characteristics. The color of the spiritual world is purple; it activates the nobleness, balance, self-confidence and relaxing feelings.

The color of the nobility. Luxury life, wealth and elegance icons. It is also the color of romance, sentimentality and passion. Some people like to use purple color for decoration because of their fancy air. Some people perceive it as an artificial color.

Light tones of purple, lavender, lilac-like colors can be preferred in study rooms for inspiring effects. Purple, which enhances cerebral activities and artistic thinking, can be especially suitable for the working environment of the artists. People who love morain are generally people who are at the forefront of the spiritual world. Because they have a high sensitivity, they are more likely to be successful in arts.

8. Brown

Brown is known as the color of naturalness because it is the color of the soil. It is used as a symbol of seriousness, endurance, friendship and simplicity. it stimulates sense of order and free emotions in humans. It conveys comfort and confidence in the community. For this reason, we can use it as a symbol of social balance.

The color of soil and wood. It gives a solid and reliable feel. Brown creates a natural, relaxed and open atmosphere. It delivers messages of stasis, strength, maturity and reliability.

People who love brown are usually sensitive and sensitive. Emotional aspects outweigh. They need familiar environments where they feel safe. They love calm and simplicity, but they don’t like loneliness.

9. Pink

The pink color obtained by the combination of red and white gives vitality like red but is softer. Blue is known as the color of men and pink as the color of women. Pink is a color that brings joy and happiness, but also the color of dreams and love. It is a romantic and delicate color. It also has a calming effect. Research shows that pink calms people and softens hearts.

When the door and window iron were painted pink in a prison, it was observed that the aggressive behavior of the prisoners disappeared. The pink energy plays a calming role. Unfortunately, the soothing effects of the pink color can sometimes be short-lived. People who love pink are usually women, emotional, cheerful, aware of their responsibilities and a little shy, but they don’t make their shy.

10. Orange

One of the warm colors. It evokes sociality. That’s why an orange object group is more visible than it is. Orange is a color that is often used in the marketing sector because it gives the image of id for everyone. Renk Orange is an outward-looking, excitement and happiness, dynamic, remarkable, striking and heartwarming color. Red is not as annoying as it is, orange accelerates metabolism, gives vitality, courage and confidence.

Orange color gives joy and vitality to the environments where it is used. Therefore, it can be used in children’s rooms, kitchen and dining room. The people who love the orange color are generally outward, moving, cheerful and have strong social relations. Sometimes, the tendency to show, the right to be right and the desire to come to be seen.

11. Gray

Mixing black and white colors in different proportions is a gray color. It is a conciliatory and equilibrium color that expresses modesty. Recalls seriousness and immobility. It can be used as a balance and mediator in diplomatic and heavy environments. It is an undesirable color because it can cause a depressing air in its environments.

People who love gray often prefer to stay away from events. The prescriptive, conservative and stationary sides can outweigh. May also cause pessimism and introversion. Active and open people find gray overwhelming.