The mercy of our Prophet (saas) to girls

We have brought together the attitude and compassion of our Prophet (SAV) towards girls for the “October 11th World Girl’s Day”. Here are the Hadith Sharifs of our Prophet (saas) about girls. . .

Our Prophet, who was assigned as a Prophet at a time when the girls in the Ignorance Period were buried alive. Muhammed (SAV) emphasized that no gender discrimination should be made in any way, both in his behavior and in his words.

Stating that it is a wrong attitude to contempt girls, our Prophet (SAW) argues that those who discriminate in their children do this because they do not consent to the discretion of Allah (c. C).


Our Prophet (SAW), who wanted to destroy these perspectives of people in the Ignorance, looking at him with horse glasses, did not spoil his prayer despite having a granddaughter on his shoulder and gave the following message with this behavior:

“I carry this distinguished entity that you snore as a girl on my shoulder. I am crowned as the gift of my Lord. “

Our Prophet (SAV), who is always full of compassion and compassion for children, embraces his blessed face with a different happiness when he sees a child outside, and embraces the child with love without discrimination, regardless of girl or boy.



“If a girl comes to the world and raises it without burying it in the ground, snoring and preferring a boy, Allah will put him in his paradise. “ (Ahmed, Müsned, (Tah: Muhammed Şakir, Had. no: 1957), c. IV, p. 294)

“If anyone raises and disciples two girls until they reach adulthood, on the Day of Judgment we will be next to him with that person” commanded and snapped his fingers. (Muslim, Birr 149. See also Tirmidhi, Birr 13)

“Decorate your girls with gold and silver! Let her clothes be beautiful! Give your gifts with the best gifts to gain reputation! ” (Judge)

The boy is blessing and the girl is sensitive; Allah Almighty asks for the blessing of the blessing, and rewards him. (Imam Cafer-i Sadik (a. s))

“Do not be afraid of Allah; act fairly among your children.” (Muslim, Hibat 13)

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