The number of Covid-19 cases worldwide exceeded 1 million

According to the information on the “Worldometer” website where data on new cases in Covid-19 countries and regions are compiled, the total number of cases worldwide reached 1 million 207.

The country with the highest number of cases was the USA with 235 thousand 747, followed by Italy with 115 thousand 242 cases, Spain with 110 thousand 238 cases and Germany with 84 thousand 264 cases.

In China, where the outbreak occurred, 81 thousand 589 cases were recorded.

Case numbers were listed as countries in excess of 10 thousand: France (59 thousand 105), Iran (50 thousand 468), England (33 thousand 718), Switzerland (18 thousand 827), Turkey (18 thousand 135), Belgium (15 thousand 348) The Netherlands (14 thousand 697), Austria (11 thousand 76) and Canada (11 thousand 68).

The Covid-19 outbreak, which occurred in December 2019 in Wuhan, China’s Hubey province, spread to nearly 200 countries and regions and turned into a pandemic.

51 thousand 356 people lost their lives worldwide due to the epidemic.

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