The result was to put toothpaste on her chest for 30 days. . .


Although we buy cosmetic products, different, home-made and natural care methods attract us all. However, it is a fact that women know no boundaries when it comes to beauty and care. Here is an example of this, YouTuber NaturalBeauty556.



From his account on YouTube, the young woman posted a video of toothpaste and Vaselin on her breasts. The reason for doing this is the claim that toothpaste and Vaseline prevent sagging in the breasts.



In the video, the young woman shows her audience how she made a paste made from toothpaste, cucumber, yogurt, flour and egg whites that she spread on her chest. Subsequently, the young woman applies the paste, which she prepared, to the chest area. His suggestion is that this process should be repeated for 30 days.




Aesthetic Surgeon Christopher Inglefield said the following about the method in the video:

“These strange recommendations appeal to many women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts and may resort to strange miracles. Unfortunately, like many guides on the Internet, the breast enlargement Vaseline and toothpaste method is fake news and pure online quack.”

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