The secret of the flawless eyeliner is in contouring makeup

In this period, when nature gradually overcomes the effects of the winter season, the human body and psychology begin to change with nature. Seasonal transitions, in particular, cause the person to face some problems physiologically. Spring fever, which is one of these problems, does not only cause endless sneezing and watery eyes, it also results in the deterioration of the eyeliner, which is taken with a thousand efforts.


The only method that does not deteriorate against time and environmental conditions; eyeliner contours

Always well-groomed and looking good is practical with the new generation of contour makeup applications. Finding and applying the ideal shape for the eyes that differ from each other with little difference, and doing this constantly becomes a struggle for most women. While it is almost impossible to capture the perfect image at all times, the deterioration of the eyeliner shot is inevitable under the influence of time and environmental conditions. At this point, eyeliner, which is one of the most difficult stages of make-up routine, is positioned in the most suitable form and color for the eyes with permanent methods, and drawing eyeliner is not a struggle.


Challenge make-up in spring allergy with eyeliner contours

Those who are allergic to spring know that it is quite difficult not to sneeze, cough and control constantly watered eyes during season passes. Moreover, the eyeliner drawn as a result of long efforts is harder not to be affected by this situation. The permanent eyeliner eliminates this problem by pacifying the negative effects of the symptoms caused by the spring allergy on makeup. Based on the principle of creating striking results, preserved naturalness, eyeliner contours are applied to the eyelid and custody, providing beautiful and meaningful looks. Eyeliner contouring using natural dyes varies from approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on the desired model.


Is Eyeliner contours a reliable method

Many people are concerned about the eyeliner contour treatment being applied to detention and on top. However, when done by qualified and trained people and quality materials, eyeliner contours is a procedure that can be applied easily without any harm to the skin. First of all, the contouring makeup specialist determines the ideal form suitable for the shape of the person’s eye and makes a pre-drawing with the help of a special drawing pencil. At this point, the eyeliner form should be determined taking into account the structure of the eye as well as eyelashes and other elements of the face. At the other stage, anesthetic creams are applied to the area where the eyeliner will be applied, and the sensitivity to be felt during the procedure is kept at the lowest level. Afterwards, natural pigments are applied to the eyelid, under the eye or in a single area with the help of a contour makeup device. Since there is no bleeding or bruising after the procedure, the person can return to his daily life immediately.


If your eyes too

– If it is small for your face,
– If it is bigger than your face,
– If it is closer or farther than it should be
– If you have low eyelids, you can easily make eyeliner contours.

Also, people who want to get a more slanted look, have more striking looks, provide symmetry on the face and look well-groomed even in the morning can do this.

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