The way to lose weight healthily goes through probiotics

Probiotics, which are our most important defense units against many diseases, from a simple cold to allergies and cancer, also helps weight control. Ümit Aktaş says that in your diet include homemade yogurt, kefir, homemade pickles and vinegar, and the fat that you should not forget will lubricate eating sugar, not eating.


Remove carbohydrates from your life

Saying that if you want to lose weight, wheat and cereal products are completely precise. Ümit Aktaş, “These addictive foods cause your insulin, that is, your blood sugar level to suddenly rise and then drop at the same rate. Even if you are full of stuff, you will be hungry as if you have not eaten anything in one or two hours. It goes on in the form of a vicious circle. The way is to remove simple carbohydrates from your life. Vitamin B3 and vitamin B1 in whole wheat flour are many times larger than sesame and flax seeds. So, when you cut wheat and cereal products, you will not be left without nutrients, on the contrary, you have taken a giant step in terms of health and weight control. ” says.


Eating sugar does not lubricate food

Contrary to what has been said for years, removing fat from your diet is extremely dangerous to health. Fat keeps full and helps slimming, gives high quality and high energy. As you remove fat from your diet, you start consuming more carbohydrates instead. While carbohydrates and sugar return to you as fat, healthy oils, olive oil, butter and animal fats protect you from fat and more, as they are in nature. Sweeteners, a chemical poison, should not be used to remove sugar from their lives. Because sweeteners make you feel more hungry and increase the risk of diabetes because it throws insulin values ​​in the blood instead of weakening.


Aim to lose 5% weight per month

One of the conditions for a healthy slimming is to lose weight slowly. It is normal for the person to give 5% of their weight in a month. So 70 kg. for a person weighing 3.5 kg per month. weight loss is a healthy weight loss rate. If you go over this number, the body will put itself into alarm mode after a while. Because it will assume that it is facing a famine and will slow down the metabolism to protect itself. But it is worth noting that there are other dangers waiting for you if you keep an eye on your body’s signals and continue to feed below the amount you need to live. It is inevitable that your immune system will collapse over time.


Friendly bacteria weaken

Probiotics help you lose weight. You can only weaken by increasing the number of friendly bacteria in your body without regimen. Friendly bacteria, which speed up weight loss while regimen, allow you to continue losing weight when you return to your normal diet. Friendly bacteria keep your appetite under control. Because probiotics feed on foods that keep them alive, feeding them, and in this way affect your diet. In other words, when you have plenty of probiotics in your intestines, you don’t want wafers, sugar, and donuts. Because these foods destroy beneficial bacteria.


Golden rule: Adequate sleep

He said that the body needs 8 hours of sleep a day for health and stress control. Ümit Aktaş, “One of the most important factors determining weight control is getting enough sleep. People who do not sleep enough at night eat larger portions during the day, generally turn to simple carbohydrates and sleep tends to gain weight, so be careful to get enough sleep.” says.


DR. Slimming Cure from Ümit Aktaş

Materials: 250 g broccoli, 7 leaves of arugula, 1 clove of garlic, 1 lemon

Preparation: Put the garlic you beat in the mortar with the broccoli into the food processor. Add the arugula, grated lemon peel and lemon juice to the robot. You can consume the mixture, which you leave for 30 minutes with the lid closed, fresh daily.

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