The young man who lost his virginity on Sex Island shocked


talks about the allegations of 16-year-old Brian, who has managed to enter Sex Island, although he is not a minor in World Sex Island. Making a statement about the festival he attended the British newspaper Daily Mail on Sex Island, Brian said that he entered the island using his father’s credit card and nobody questioned his age after the card got approval.


When New York high school student Brian won a ticket to the festival on Sex Island, he said he was a virgin and never had sexual intercourse before. Brian also said that after going to Sex Island in the Caribbean, he had sex for the first time in his life, using drugs and alcohol, and said:


“When I entered the island, they asked me to choose 2 girls. The two girls got me drunk and had sex for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what to do but the girls did everything for me.”



Brian said that one of the girls who was with him on the island was named Andrea and that he was in love with him. “I fell in love with Andrea and want to marry her” he said.

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