They’re looking for the fingerprint of cancer in DNA

A group of scientists from Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Faculty of Medicine benefit from the DNA fingerprint method used in areas such as family ties and the detection of criminals, in the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal cancers.

Professor of DEU Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathology. Dr. Sılan Sarıoğlu stated that certain areas of DNA are the same in every cell of individuals and that everyone’s DNA fingerprint is different.

Stating that this permission has changed in some tumors as well as genetic diseases, Sarıoğlu noted that scientific studies on DNA fingerprints and repair mechanisms have increased since 2015.

Noting that the studies in this area are worthy of the Nobel prizes, Sarıoğlu gave the following information:

“The discovery of the DNA repair mechanism brought the Nobel Prize to scientist Paul Modrich in the year that Aziz Sancar also won the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 2015. Genetic or acquired DNA repair mechanism disruption leads to tumor development. If the DNA repair mechanism found by Moldrich is broken, the fingerprint in the tumor and the patient becomes different. When our DNA repair is damaged, we face the risk of disease. ”


Explaining that the same can happen in colorectal cancer known as large intestine, Sarıoğlu said, “15 percent of tumors develop with this mechanism. DNA fingerprint and DNA in the tumor become different. ” said.

Professor Dr. Sarioglu, they benefit from the last 5 years, all the applicants from the DEU, to Turkey recognizes the person close to 400 DNA fingerprinting method, noting that they detect the change trail at 10 percent, said they also determine the treatment process according to exchange fingerprints on.

Stating that they determined the development mechanism of the disease based on the DNA fingerprint method, and accordingly, the appropriate treatment was determined, Sarıoğlu said, “In some tumors, DNA fingerprints are changing. We have found that the tumors developing with this mechanism progress better, and these patients are not treated unnecessarily and patients use less medication. Immunotherapy, the new hope of cancer patients, is also more effective in these tumors. “He said.

Stating that the patient’s family was given consultancy and screening services due to the genetic predisposition following the detection made with DNA fingerprints, Sarıoğlu stated that similar studies could be performed in other organ tumors such as stomach and ovary.

Professor Dr. Sılan Sarıoğlu added that they shared the process of diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer patients with the international medical community in scientific meetings.


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