Tips for Greasy Hair-Hair Care

If you are facing more oily problem than your hair should be, there are probably two main reasons for this problem;

Hair The oil glands under your skin are producing more oil than they should be.

The scalp is not degreased because you do not wash your hair often enough.

Whatever the reason for your hair to become too oily, the easiest solution is to wash your hair regularly every day. Do not listen to your friends who say that it is not right to wash the hair every day. 

Is Hair Washed Every Day?

Washing your hair every day will not cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Contrary to popular belief, people with oily scalp should remove the oil accumulated from the skin to improve the health of the scalp, and this should be done by cleaning the hair regularly every day. Hair structures that are not washed too often may experience itching and sensitivity.

Oily Hair Which Shampoo To Use

None of the shampoos sold in the market will remove the oiliness of your hair. However, there are shampoos that you can choose to clean the oil accumulated on your scalp. In this process, we recommend that you use a shampoo that can formulate your skin against oily. Shampoos with liotics, which have the ability to add volume to the hair, should not be used in this process. For people with oily scalp, we recommend that you choose the right shampoo and choose shampoos that are compatible with the pH level skin.

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