To turn your lover into a ‘virgin sex robot.’ . .


Christopher Cooksey, 33, who lives in the UK, turned out to have trapped his 29-year-old girlfriend Stephanie Watkis into her house to turn it into a “virgin sex robot.” The relationship of the couple who met in a gym in 2017 started normally. The first weeks had fun like every new couple. However, having an obsessive personality, Christopher revealed the monster inside after talking about his lover’s ex-lovers.



Calling his girlfriend home one day, Christopher confiscated his phone and then started systematically torturing him. The obsessed man who had forced sexual intercourse with his lover beat the young woman during the relationship. Constantly to your lover ‘I’ll make you a virgin sex robot, this is not a game’ said Christopher, captured the young woman in her house for days so that her wounds could not be seen and her head would not be in trouble.



The man who called the company where the young woman worked on the phone said that Stephanie Watkis had a car accident and should quit.



The young woman is currently undergoing severe post-traumatic stress disorder and depression treatment.

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