Vaginal itching causes and home remedies

Vaginal itching It is a situation that can keep you in an unfamiliar place and leave you in a difficult situation. Occasional crises that you do not care about, the need for itching over time, and the widespread and unbearable itching of the area is very troublesome. These signals given by the body are generally vaginal fungus herald. As a result of the gynecological examination, the final diagnosis is made by the doctor. Some types of fungi are treated in a very complicated way by using antibiotics to be taken orally, cleaning the genital area with medical drugs and applying special creams.

Causes of Vaginal Itching

The cause of every itch should not be seen as a fungus either. Too long unwanted hairs in the genital area and their constant wetness can cause itching. Acne in the area, irritation, side effects of antibiotics used for another disease, stress, birth control pills, nutritional mistakes, sugar rise due to diabetes, menopause and breastfeeding mothers. vaginal itchingThey may suffer from it.

Regular daily cleaning of the vagina reduces the risk of getting fungus. In this, hygiene is very important. Hygiene does not mean washing the area with soaps and shower gels. Cleaning the genital area The use of gels or handkerchiefs specially produced for the product helps to protect the flora and protect the flora by keeping the PH balance of the area intact, preventing the death of beneficial bacteria. Even just washing with water is sufficient.

During menstrual periods, it should be tried to keep the area dry by changing pads and tampons frequently. When choosing underwear, using the cotton ones of the nets ensures that the air circulation of the area is not kept moist due to the breathability of the fabric. Changing underwear regularly every day is a must for health, cleanliness and not scattering. In synthetic underwear, on the other hand, due to the impermeability of the fabric, the area is always wet, which is the favorite environment for fungi to breed. While bidding, it is necessary to clean with front to back movements and to gently remove the remaining water with toilet paper. In this way, harmful bacteria or substances do not accumulate in the vagina.

Staying in a wet swimsuit in the summer is also an excellent environment for bacteria to breed. It is absolutely necessary for your health to have two swimsuits with you and use one while drying the other. In addition, the fungi spread from the pools settle on the swimsuit and quickly pass to the genital area. Tight and non-breathable clothes also serve the same synthetic laundry. The area that is deprived of air circulation for long hours in this way increases the risk of catching fungus. Before sitting in toilets that are open to everyone’s use, we must flush the toilet and close the toilet seat with toilet paper. Mushrooms in someone else can easily pass through toilets. Your partner who you have sexual intercourse with may be a carrier of fungal disease or be passed on to him. If there is such a situation, both of you should start treatment. Avoiding intercourse during treatment is important in terms of shortening the healing process.

Deodorant, perfume and scented pads sprayed on the area to get rid of the odor of the genital area disrupt acidity and invite fungus formation. Lack of necessary cleaning after sexual intercourse keeps the area wet for a long time. Therefore, it must be washed with water and dried.

If there are medical baths given for the area given after the fungus is registered by the doctor, it means that you will get rid of itching easily. Simple fungal treatments, that is, those that do not contain infection, are treated in this way. In addition to the products you will buy from the pharmacy, the herbal cures you will prepare at home are among the methods you will pass the fungus. It is based on staying clean and dry.

How to Relieve Genital Itching at Home

  • Vinegar water is a very good disinfectant as it is known. Mix 1 coffee cup of vinegar in 2.5 liters of water in a bottle. Wash the area regularly with this mixture every day for 1 week. Use as a final rinse, especially after bathing. You will notice that you will get rid of itching in a short time.
  • The cure made with herbs that you will spend a little time in the herbalist gives a definite result. 1 cup split root, 1 cup thyme, 1 cup cherry stalk, 1 cup thyme are boiled in 5 liters of water. It is taken from the fire 10 minutes after boiling and waited for approximately 15 minutes for both brewing and warming. With the help of a strainer, herbs and water are separated from each other. Sit in the water you will pour in a bowl and let the mixture affect your genital area thoroughly. When the process is over, you just need to dry it with toilet paper. Fresh preparation of the mixture daily is important because the microbes that cause fungus will remain in the water. Repeat every day until your itching is gone.
  • Salt you use at home to control itching will also work for you. It will be enough to wash the area with the mixture you create by mixing 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 glass of water. If you do not go out of regular use and necessary hygiene rules, you will get rid of itching in 1 week.
  • Naturally produced honey is perfect for killing bacteria, germs and fungi. Honey purchased from the market has been processed and does not replace natural honey. If you can find a non-degraded one, you need to apply it to the area and wait for half an hour. Rinse with warm water and apply twice a day will help you get rid of fungus in a short time.
  • Yogurt, which strengthens the skin structure, is another fungicidal product. It is enough to keep the yogurt applied to the area for 10 minutes and clean it with warm water. Making it in the morning and evening is important for the effectiveness of the cure. You should continue to apply until it heals.
  • Neem leaves, which are good for all kinds of itching, is another solution. Boil in 1 liter of water and add the neem leaves. Make the softened leaves a paste and apply to the area. Wait 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. It is continued until itching ends.
  • Garlic is used to treat all kinds of infections and fungi. Just rubbing garlic on the area can be very burning. For this reason, a clove of garlic is crushed and heated over the fire by breaking the vitamin E capsules that you can buy from the pharmacy, which corresponds to 1 teaspoon. It is applied to the genital area after filtering and cooling. It is cleaned with the help of warm water by waiting 10 minutes. It is used 2 times a day until itching ends.
  • The appropriate ratio of boric acid that you will make in the pharmacy has antiseptic properties. It is extremely suitable for use in the region. The area is washed with this mixture and dried. You should use it until you are sure that you have gotten rid of the fungus.
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda that you will mix in 1 liter of water should be used for cleaning after each toilet. The effect of baking soda to clean all kinds of things has been proven. It should also be used once a week in healthy times for deep cleansing of the area to get rid of fungus only.
  • Sit and wait for 15 minutes in contact with the genital area with 10 drops of age tree oil or essence, 3-4 drops of thyme oil, and a few drops of dandelion leaves in the hot water that you will fill in a bathtub or basin. Apply every day until the fungal itching is gone.
  • The bay leaf boiled in 1 liter of water should be used twice a day for cleaning the genital area after draining. It is one of the easy ways to act very quickly and relieve itching.

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