Vaginal Tightening Creams And Kegel Exercise

Although vaginal aesthetics may seem unnecessary at first, it is as important as applying to the face or an area in our body. Although it is not a visible area, it is of great importance both in terms of affecting sexual life and in terms of women’s self-confidence. Especially after birth, the enlargement of the vagina by losing its elasticity becomes a problem for women’s sexual life. Therefore, the deteriorating sex life between spouses creates coldness in relationships, which leads to divorces as a result.

Vaginal Tightening Creams and Kegel Exercise

Progressive age-related vaginal enlargement is an unavoidable condition and deformation as in the skin. In addition to this, the vagina has the ability to self-clean and contain bacteria; The outside world is becoming more open to bacteria and germs due to abundance. The risk of getting frequent fungal and bacterial infections increases. Due to the loss of elasticity of the vaginal muscles, an unpleasant situation such as urinary incontinence is faced. This means bad odor and constant humidity for the area, which can damage the health of the area. In addition, even if the tight-cut trousers, tights or swimwear – bikinis are not noticeable from the outside, you always feel obliged to pay attention because you are uncomfortable.

Aesthetic surgeons, who go to every person with aesthetic concern, can easily overcome this problem. While not everyone volunteers to laser or conventional surgeries, some doctor mistakes can lead to lifelong irreparable errors. This is why it is very often sold in the market and most of them are made from herbal extracts. vaginal tightening creams Although it does not give results as quickly as surgery, you can see its effect in the long term (such as 6 months). You can continue your daily life while there are no medications to be used after the operation. The money you will spend financially will remain in your pocket. Vaginal tightening creams only regular use and the rules you will follow while applying is sufficient. Depending on the herbal product it contains, you will start to see its effect after the first use.

Its use during pregnancy is inconvenient in terms of complications that may occur during childbirth. In addition, if you have a disease in the uterus, ovary or reproductive area, you will have to wait until the treatment ends. If you have problems such as wounds or irritation in the vagina, you should first heal them as the doctor recommends and then vagina tightening creamYou must use i.

How To Use Vaginal Tightening Creams

It is very simple to use and the area should be cleaned and dried with water before it is applied. You start to feel the effect after applying the appropriate amount and waiting for it to absorb a little. Although it is generally said to be about 10-15 minutes, it can vary depending on the skin structure. Later, you can continue your normal life by wearing your underwear. Preferably, using it at night will ensure that the cleansing and sweat do not combine with the cream throughout the day. Since it is produced for this region, it has no side effects. It is recommended that the products be purchased from known vendors or pharmacies so that there is no problem in terms of getting results in terms of both health and time.

While the products restore the lost elasticity of the vagina, it also regulates the vaginal muscles by increasing the tension. In addition to transforming it into its old form, it helps to regulate the natural environment of the region. Natural ingredients found in some creams also serve as whitening.

How to Do a Kegel Exercise

You will do it regularly daily to tighten and strengthen the muscles kegel exercises is useful in terms of speeding up the process. Although there are various types, the most common and easy to repeat one even while sitting during the day is; It is in the form of squeezing and releasing, the way you squeeze yourself when your urine comes. This exercise should be done when your bladder is empty, not when you have urine. Other than that, you need to spare time for exercise types as they are done lying down or in various positions. The underlying principle of every exercise is to tighten and release the vagina and uterus.

As we said above, never try to urinate while doing the Kegel exercise. How to narrow the vagina, what are the vaginal tightening creams or How to do vaginal tightening exercises The most natural and healthy answer to the question is of course exercising regularly. Continuity is very important in Kegel exercises. You must do these exercises for at least 6 months.

Kegel exerciseThe basis of permission is to tighten and release the vagina. If it is done regularly, both the vagina will narrow and your sex life will become more colorful. Especially during intercourse vaginal tightening exercises If you do, you can be sure that your partner will enjoy it more.

How to Do a Kegel Exercise?

As a result of exercising the vaginal muscles, the muscles become stronger and the vagina narrows as a result of the tension of the muscles.

We sit while urinating, at first, wait 2-3 seconds with the muscles of the vagina contracted, then relax the muscles and repeat this movement quickly again.You should make it a habit every day and apply it 10-15 times a day. Depending on the movement over time vaginal contraction the more the process is done stretched vaginayou will have either.

Benefits of Kengel Exercise

How to do a Kegel exercise Now that we have found the answer to the question, I want to tell you about the benefits. Benefits of kegel exercise;

  • In the urinary incontinence problems of women
  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • For the vagina to return to its best state after birth
  • To achieve sexual satisfaction
  • In the treatment of sexual anorexia
  • In providing orgasm functions
  • In premature ejaculation problems

With this exercise, you can prevent these problems from occurring. The important thing here is to make regular and continuous movements.

If you have important complaints such as urinary incontinence, lack of sexual desire, lack of pleasure from sexual intercourse, vaginismus, dyspareunia, these exercises will never benefit you. In such cases, the treatment method should be determined by a gynecologist. Remember that kegel exercises These are exercises that have only preventive and protective effects and do not have therapeutic properties.

Those who have enlarged vagina, who do not enjoy intercourse, or who have urinary incontinence should be treated and have vaginal constricting surgery according to the result or vaginal tightening creams they should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

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