Vaginismus Is Not Your Mistake

Vaginismus is not your fault, and it is not necessarily something to be ashamed of. The breed does not prevent arousal, it can only prevent sexual intercourse. However, it can affect your relationships and quality of life.

World Health Organization Although the woman wanted the word vaginismus to be, having trouble with the vaginal entrance of a penis, finger or other object is defined as pain expectation, muscle contractions and the like.

The contractions can prevent or make sexual intercourse too painful.

Accompanying the Fear Reaction

* Your penis or da Like the inspection instrument,
* Doctor finger,
* Partner’s finger
* It may even cause your own finger to approach the vagina.

Vaginismus problem is personal. Therefore, its treatment should be specific to the source of the problem and to the person.

Behavioral Therapies Including Exercise

Behavioral therapies are applied in addition to cognitive therapies. It includes treatment methods that include exercises. These include practical Vaginismus exercises for learning.

Complementary to Hypnotherapy in Vaginismus

Hypnosis treatments (Hypnotherapy) are alternative forms of vaginismus treatment in type therapies. It is a supportive, complementary method. Treatment time is shortened.
It is not applied to every patient. Hypnosis should be performed by physicians or therapists who are experienced in their field.

Surgical Methods Offer Solutions

Congenital problems related to the hymen, vagina and vulva (external genital area) can be solved with quite comfortable surgical procedures. The therapy will not work without surgical intervention. A permanent solution is possible with comfortable surgical procedures performed under local or general anesthesia.


The problem of vaginismus can be added to their treatments such as low self-esteem, depression and psychiatric problems. Classical psychotherapies are applied to patients by psychiatrists and psychologists.


EMDR may be beneficial for vaginismus patients who have been exposed to sexual trauma in childhood and adolescence. EMDR is a special form of therapy known as ‘eye movement desensitization and processing’. It is applied by specially trained therapists.

Stress Repellent Acupuncture

Acupuncture manages organ functions in the human brain and keeps the body healthy against stress stimuli. Acupuncture from ancient Chinese medicine is applied in addition to cognitive behavioral sexual therapies. Acupuncture treatment is a method that increases self-confidence in people, reduces depression, thus facilitating the therapy process.

Botulinum Toxin Injection

Stop botox injection into the vaginal muscles. Botulinum toxin is a bacterial poison that prevents muscle contraction by temporary contraction. It is also widely applied in the cosmetic field. However, the addition of cognitive behavioral sexual treatments is absolutely essential for this process to work.

Paired Therapy And Homework

During vaginismus treatment, doing paired treatment and homework together is of great importance in terms of treatment success. On the other hand, some lack of information and experience are very common in the spouses of vaginismus patients. In these cases, it would be appropriate to give cognitive programs to the spouses to increase their knowledge.

Couple Therapy

Those who experience vaginismus may experience wear and tear in their marriage, especially if they are delayed in getting professional help. If there are problems based on excessive communication deficiency, “couple therapy” (should also be applied in addition to vaginismus treatment.

Nowadays, permanent solutions are possible in a short time thanks to contemporary and scientific treatment methods of vaginismus.

Vaginismus is not your fault, and it is not necessarily something to be ashamed of. The breed does not prevent arousal, it can only prevent sexual intercourse.

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