‘Violence in health’ statement from Minister Koca!

Health Minister Fahrettin husband, who came to Turkey to Kazakhstan Minister of Health Yelzh a joint press conference held after the meeting with Birtanov. Ministers husband, with an emphasis on the deep-rooted historical and cultural ties between the two countries, “Kazakhstan and Turkey are two friendly and brotherly countries. Our ancestral land, Kazakhstan’s place in our hearts is special. I hope that the latest developments in Kazakhstan will be beneficial for our countries and our people. ”

Addressing the violence in the health at the press conference, Minister Koca emphasized that they were with the healthcare professionals in the legal process and said:

“Violence in health is an area in which we have been very sensitive and focused on. A similar situation had occurred in Konya, the suspect was released. We actively involved as a ministry and were subsequently arrested. Similarly, we were also involved as a ministry in Izmir, and the suspect is still in detention. Similarly, there are some approaches in the media and similar organs that fuel this violence. We all know that there is a scene with an approach that can never be similarly approved in a series. We were particularly involved in this matter, we applied to RTÜK and the related channel owners reported the mistake and apology statements to our Ministry. Despite this, we applied to RTÜK. In this sense, RTÜK provided an administrative penalty. Also, an apology scene was shot in the series. ”


Minister Koca, pointing out that there is a law study on violence against health, there is no practice that requires and imposes different punishment for violence against any professional.

“In terms of the systematic of the law, in this sense, a special violence law was enacted exclusively for healthcare professionals. We know that penalties up to 2 years are not implemented and converted into money. In this context, we know that there is a study not only for healthcare workers but also for the implementation of an arresting application related to crimes such as violence and extortion. We follow this closely in the justice reform of the Ministry of Justice. With the introduction of this, I want to know that the shortage at this point will be completed and that we are in close follow-up and that our employees are not alone. “ DHA

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