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Vocabulary proportional to intelligence


Expert Psychological Consultant Mehmet Hilmi Eren “The Home School system has to become one of the alternative systems besides the main …

Vocabulary proportional to intelligence

Expert Psychological Consultant Mehmet Hilmi Eren “The Home School system has to become one of the alternative systems besides the main education, first of all, it is necessary to give families awareness of home education. You cannot neglect home education because there is a school and a teacher because it is the center of home education. . ” said.

What to do for the development of attention and intelligence

– Let children find the answers rather than answering their questions instantly. How do you think, what would you do if you were?

– Be careful not to use the following sentences at home; “Dreaming, be realistic, feet on the ground, flying above the clouds, making inventions.”

– Start talking to him while the child is still in the womb. The child should hear and recognize the voice of the mother and father. The more he is exposed to verbal and physical contact in the womb and infancy, the more his mental development is supported.

– When the child starts walking, when requesting something from him, more detailed information should be given instead of “give it.” We should say, “Bring the plastic bottle with a red cap on the granite counter in the kitchen.” Thus, he learns new words faster in the communication process. Because vocabulary is directly proportional to intelligence.

– Brain and mind games should be played rather than toys. In a 4-5 month period, an increase of up to 10 points can be observed in children’s intelligence scores with 4 hours of intelligence and mind games per week.

– Before the child goes to sleep, one day mother and one father must read fairy tales and stories. Even the stories should be interrupted and what do you think will happen now? You should be asked questions like what would you do if you were the fairy tale hero?

– Sorting and classification studies can be done with toys according to their size and color. Because our brain works with the ability to categorize. It should not be forgotten that methods such as SCAMPER, Six-Hat Thinking Technique can be applied at home in an enjoyable way.

– Studies should be carried out on how to use the materials for other than their original purposes. For example, the main purpose of the pen is to write. Ask the child, “What can be done with this pencil?” What we expect to reach is the ability to combine pens and other objects to talk about a new object; to empty the inside of the pen, pour mercury inside it, cover it with a magnet and add the following: We should pay special attention to children who give such answers.



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